Saturday, November 17, 2012

Duelling Tubas

While WUWT's telethon was  almost as tendentious as The Reality Project's 24 hour homage to Jerry Lewis, Watts' fanbois are deeply shocked that anyone should compare their hero's score with Al Gore's:
                                 Final viewership tally: 
           Al Gore 16 Million,  Anthony Watts 16 Thousand
The emotional Chico weatherman expressed his displeasure thus :
"See Dana, the thing is (and this is lost on you and your friends) is that WUWT earned those views honestly. We didn’t need an army of Gore viewbots to inflate the numbers: If Gore was so secure in his message, don’t you think he would not need to resort to such trickery? 
Given his budget in the millions -vs- mine in the few thousands, it should have been pretty easy to squish me like a bug. It seems though, such stagecraft and padding because they fear their message needed a boost from some tricks has been the hallmark of the crowd you run with.
                                            Did Watts doze off in his directors chair?
                           Four hours into his telethon this is what viewers saw:               

Saturday, November 10, 2012

We've Been Rafted !

 The Wet Apple's exasperated Mayor responded to hurricane Sandy with this memorable cover:
 A week after the election a sequel seems in order: