Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Hostilities in the climate wars often commence with the combattants accusing each other of having axes to grind.  Since some few of them employ PR firms, these charges may at times have merit, but far from being a radical postmodern enterprise, climate science has been taking the future with a large grain of salt since before the Civil War,
when John Tyndall used optics cut from infra-red transparent crystals  of  rock salt  to measure radiant heat absorption by gases, as M. Fourier had proposed back when  John Quincy Adams was equipping the  White House with energy efficient whale oil lamps.

In 1861 Tyndall's peer reviewed work appeared in a journal established in the eighteenth century:                                                         The Philosophical Magazine :
"Now if, as the above experiments indicate the chief influence be exercised by the aqueous vapour, every variation of this constituent  must produce a change of climate.
Similar remarks would apply to the carbonic acid diffused through the air, while an almost inappreciable admixture of any of the hydrocarbon vapours would produce great effects on the terrestrial rays and produce corresponding changes of climate."
             --JOHN TYNDALL FRS: 'On the absorption and radiation of heat by gases and vapours'

Victoria & Albert's science advisor did not need a computer model or Fourier  transforms  to  make  his  point. His steampunk experiment employed nothing fancier than a large grain of salt, a bunsen burner and some curious bits of Victorian plumbing ,  yet  so  strong  and  reproducible  is the absorption of heat by carbon dioxide that the difference in projected warmth can be felt when a salt-windowed tube of CO2 is interposed between a heat source and the palm of an observer's hand.
153 years of getting the same very conservative result might convince any disinterested Tory that Tyndall was on to something. Not UKIP Ɯbertwit  James  Delingpole , whose column has decayed into the ravings of a very low Whig:

Have you ever wondered why conservatives don’t talk more often about ...the urgent need to rein in economic growth in order to give the planet a more sustainable future?

Me neither. 
Conservatives don’t talk about these things because they are idle leftist preoccupations which have no place in a political philosophy based on personal responsibility, liberty and empiricism.  
Which is why I’m a little puzzled by the latest outburst by Meghan McCain – daughter of US senator and former Republican presidential nominee John McCain. She said:
..."I do watch Fox News at night on occasion — and a lot of the time you see people throwing around climate change: ‘Of course climate change isn’t real! This is just a liberal issue!
I think this is a cultural issue... meaning, Republicans, you’re not going to be able to hunt and fish as much — which I love doing — if there is no fucking fish to get!" 
So another of the many dire consequences of climate change is that there will be no more “fucking fish”. Who knew? Clearly, with her high-level connections Ms McCain must have access to some privileged information since, so far as I’m aware, no serious scientist to date has tried to parlay “fucking fish” into their litany of predicted climate doom. (It’s not like fish – fucking or otherwise – are exactly going to be bothered by rising sea levels, is it?)...
Well, in her silly outburst on Republicans and climate change, Meghan McCain has gone and done the environmental equivalent of a Hanoi Jane. She has betrayed her own cause, given succour to an implacable enemy and transformed herself into the bad guys' useful idiot... 
Last night I suffered the singular misfortune of attending a lecture on climate change... given by Michael Mann, discredited inventor of the Hockey Stick.The lecture itself was deathly dull, riddled with shameless falsehoods... he wanted to rubbish the views of Republican Senator Jim Inhofe... who, ...has done more than almost anyone to skewer the cause of environmental alarmism, 
Guess who Mann called as his expert witness? 
Yep: John McCain... "
We  interrupt  this  embarassing  diatribe  to bring you an illuminating comment from a  dedicated  Delingpole  fan,   [sic]  who  subscribes  himself  a "Retired engineer/ scientist / writer active in exposing the FRAUDS of Carbon climate forcing, 'sustainable' energy, 'peak' oil and big bang...":

What is it about elitist directed FAUX SCIENCE that you refuse to comprehend ? ? ?

Carbon climate forcing, 'sustainable' energy, 'peak' oil and big bang are all CRAP false paradigm narratives.

We have been systematically LIED to about everything, but your too simpleminded to notice."