Wednesday, October 28, 2015

                BEST SERVED COLD

What has Bishop Hill been drinking? 
Having   swallowed   Mark  Steyn 's Heartland  Institute  rant on  wine  & palaeoclimate cork and all, the prelate has  regurgitated  views  even  sillier than Steyn's vintage :

"I will take global warming seriously when they tear down the Climate Research Unit, and sow a vineyard making an amusing little Chateauneuf du Phil Jones"

...Gavin Schmidt said that there are "More...English vineyards now  than in medieval times."... Gavin implies that this comparison trumps the argument about English vineyards being proof that Medieval Warm Period was hotter... 

Hang on a sec! Surely you would not compare the two without mentioning the population size - the number of people buying and drinking the stuff - 
I mean that would be unscientific, wouldn't it?

Hang on a sec: isn't it more unscientific to forget climate change dictates where grapes can ripen, not who plants how many?

British  viticulture has spread north  far  beyond its Roman and Medieval limits, through grim Northumberland and on into Scotland,  attesting  to  hundreds  of  degree - days of  warming above and beyond the  Medieval  Not-So-Warm Period.

Word  of this  pleasant  change of climate  has reached  Buckingham Palace, where the Telegraph reports British  champagne  now  reigns:
"Ridgeview  Grosvenor 2009  was  served  at the state  banquet  to welcome Chinese president Xi Jinping Gordon Ramsay has listed not just one but  several  English  wines at his new restaurant in  Bordeaux, of all places. 
And  at  a recent  blind tasting.... English  wine  scored a  triumph over champagne, with two English wines (Hambledon Classic Cuvée & Nyetimber Classic Cuvée 2010) beating... Pol Roger &  Taittinger  to finish in first and second place."