Sunday, March 6, 2016

                        SAVE  THE  CISGENDERED  GLACIERS !
                     THROW A VIRGIN  IN A VOLCANO TODAY

Gender  dynamics  deniers who doubt  feminist  postcolonial science  and  situated indigenous  belief  systems  that  link  meat-eating  and  catastrophic  ice-falls  are marginalized by neoliberalism,  imperialism,  transgender power relations inequality and the pathological  Pachamamaphobic hegemony of  Western  cis-heteropatriarchic  scientific glacism & sexism should flee to a Safe Zone, as a clot of PC the size of Svalbard just calved off from the Kulturkampf ice shelf:

It goes on for many, many, pages; here in non-contrast, is
  an actual   PoMo  Poe, as generated by a mindless automaton,