Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Viscount Monckton has been perusing  The Daily Beast again, and so little  likes what he reads there that he threatens criminal prosecution:

Come off it, Offit!
By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley
When a medical doctor with no prior record of publication in the learned journals of climate science wanders off the reservation and writes for a collectivist website about the totalitarians’ favorite Trojan horse, global warming, one expects nonsense.One is not disappointed by:   
When Scientists Hate Science
Paul Offit is a paediatrician. Yet, in an article for one of the sillier groupthink websites, he considers himself qualified to state that the “climate denialists” President Trump and his appointees to EPA and Energy, Scott Pruitt and Rick Perry, “deny the fact that increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the environment have trapped heat, causing an increase in the Earth’s surface temperature … and consequent climate disruption”... 
Offit should get someone to read Legates et al. (2013) to him at bedtime. In that paper, we revealed that only 41, or 0.3%, of 11,944 learned papers on climate and related topics published in the journals over the 21 years 1991-2011 had stated that recent global warming was mostly manmade. 
Not that that stopped Cook et al. (2013) from falsely reporting a 97% consensus when their own records clearly show they found only 64 of those 11,944 papers had explicitly assented to the consensus position as they had defined it: that recent global warming was mostly manmade.
Police on three continents are investigating. Prosecutions will follow...
In future, let the cobbler stick to his last or he will find himself talking cobblers.
Come off it, Offit!
Has it escaped the noble lord's attention that Trump's most scientifically distinguished cabinet pick is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine? 

Though he  may write like a mad hatter, Monckton  is no mere cobbler, but a worthy Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Broderers. I have long worn his excellent shirts, and was saddened to see him quit haberdashery for balderdashery, for  looking  at his resumes makes it clear that he is a fantastic embroiderer: