Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The nondescript Venezuelan Poodle Moth            The  Flannel Moth pussy caterpillar, Megalopyge opercularis 
The  probable  failure of  some of  President Trump's  EPA and DOE nominees to secure  confirmation  by the Senate raises an interesting structural civics question: once an adminstration's selection from  the bottom of the  pork barrel has  been  rejected, where  can  it  turn  for yet more political cannon fodder?

The answer may  lie in the reluctance of Capitol Hill time-servers to reject nominees  who  strongly resemble those who hold the  highest offices in the land. In the President's case, this  makes for a very short list, but one that can be extended beyond Alec Baldwin by turning to the biodiversity of tropical wetlands  for new species worthy of the fever swamps of the Potomac.

Besides an  uncanny phenotypic resemblence to the Vice President the  Venezuelan  Poodle  Moth is easily captured, as it is irresistably drawn to tiki torches. As is that  MAGA   hat-worthy Megalopygid, the Flannel Moth  Pussy Caterpillar, the spitting image of our  Chief Executive's hair,  both at rest, and in motion:

Both  of  these  tropical species  are  marching North  towards the District of Columbia in lock step with rising global temperatures, and may be expected to follow in the footsteps of the prickly pear cacti that colonized NewYork Harbor in the 1950's. Once there, they will soon be enfranchised to vote for Mayor de Blasio like all the other immigrants before them. It but remains for the Senate to prepare for that contingency by appointing these remarkable creatures as Acting Deputy Assistant Undersecretaries  before their relatives arrive.