Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keeping Up With The Orwells

Having declared scientists 'persona non grata' 
Big Brother Watts' Ministry of Truthiness
has anounced another climate blogging first:




Calling blacklisting whitelisting may seem Orwellian to oldthinkers, but
'It's not my job to sit down and read peer reviewed papers' Delingpole 
finds the bellyfeel of Newscorp newspeak doubleplus good--

  "Then, of course, there is the great Anthony Watts – founder of the most widely read and important sceptical website of the lot... I owe Wattsy an enormous amount...

Ultimately, it seems to me, that the war we're fighting concerns the battle between openness, honesty, truth, liberty and freedom of expression on the one hand, and corrupt, dishonest, bullying authoritarianism on the other. 
What's particularly valuable about Watts Up With That? is ... Anyone is welcome to contribute to the debate," Daily Telegraph  11 April 2013

Really?  Apart from  having full-time censors clipping away at inconvenient comments by climate scientists  publishing under peer review ( full disclosure- this means me), Watts has serially embraced  every crank climate theory from underwater volcanoes to the Iron Sun- as has his fanboy  Delingpole in an even more ludicrous string of Telegraph & Spectator columns.

Hours after Delingpole celebrated WUWT as an open forum, whitelister Roy Spencer noted the unauthorized appearance of :" a comment that is actually from John O’Sullivan, who Anthony has banned."  
 But whom Dellingpole  has hailed for authoring one of asuperb crop of books on AGWSlaying The Sky Dragon", an anti-thermodynamics tract once celebrated, but later dropped into the oubliette by, you guessed it :