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                           IS   COMRADE  ORWELL  SAYING


  • Extending Social Theory to Farm Animals: Addressing Alienation in the  Dairy Sector

    Rebecca L. Schewe,Ryan Gunderson

  •  Abstract
We extend social theory to farm animals in an attempt to illustrate how non-human animals embedded in social systems can be examined using sociological concepts. Inspired by efforts to include the freedom to express natural behaviour in farm animal welfare standards, we apply Marx's conception of alienation to dairy cows.

We first examine industrial dairy farm conditions and find that these systems result in the distortion of life and the suppression of physical and social needs. We then explore alienation in an alternative production system where cows graze on pasture and choose when to be milked by robotic milking machines.

Based on farm visits and interviews with farmers, we find that this alternative system addresses several aspects of alienation found in industrial dairy farms. However, despite the benefits associated with alternative production systems, forms of alienation will persist in all systems where maximising profits remains prioritised over life and wellbeing.

Monday, February 20, 2017

                             LICHENS  OF  THE  WORLD  UNITE ! 
                             AND  MAYBE  A  FEW  TENTACLES

Donna J. Haraway
“We are all lichens.”
Think we must. We must think.”

"What happens when human exceptionalism and methodological individualism, those old saws of Western philosophy and political economics, become unthinkable in the best sciences, whether natural or social? Seriously unthinkable: not available to think with. 

Biological sciences have been especially potent in fermenting notions about all the mortal inhabitants of the earth since the imperializing 18th century...
What happens when the best biologies of the 21st century cannot do their job with bounded individuals plus contexts, when organisms plus environments, or genes plus whatever they need, no longer sustain the over owing richness of bio- logical knowledges... Surely, such a trans- formative time on Earth must not be named the Anthropocene!

In this essay, with all the unfaithful offspring of the sky gods, with my littermates who find a rich wallow in multispecies muddles, I want to make a critical and joyful fuss about these matters. I want to stay with the trouble, and the only way I know to do that is in generative joy, terror, and collective thinking.

My first demon familiar in this task will be a spider, Pimoa cthulu, who lives under stumps... The eight-legged tentacular arachnid that I appeal to gets her generic name from the language of the Goshute people of Utah and her specific name from denizens of the depths, from the abyssal and elemental entities, called chthonic. 

The chthonic powers of Terra infuse its tissues everywhere, in spite of the civilizing efforts of the agents of sky gods to astralize them and set up chief Singletons and their tame committees of multiples or subgods, the One and the Many. 
With Pimoa cthulu, I propose a name for an elsewhere and elsewhen that was, still is, and might yet be: the Chthulucene (sic). Myriad tentacles will be needed to tell the story of the Chthulucene."

Donna Haraway is distinguished professor emerita in the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 2000, she was awarded the JD Bernal Prize from the Society for Social Studies of Science for distinguished lifetime contributions to the field. Attending to the webs of biological sciences, cultures, and politics, Haraway explores string figures composed by science fact, science fiction, speculative feminism, speculative fabulation, science and technology studies, and multispecies worlding. 

Accumulating  Extinction

Planetary Catastrophism  in  the  Necrocene
Justin McBrien

Capital was born from extinction, and from capital, extinction has owed.  Capital does not just rob the soil and worker, as Marx observes, it necrotizes the entire planet. 

Here is a “metabolic rift” - between earth and labor- driven by the contradictions of endless accumulation. That accumulation is not only productive; it is necrotic, unfolding a slow violence, occupying and producing overlapping historical, biological, and geological temporalities. 

Capital is the Sixth Extinction personified: it feasts on the dead, and in doing so, devours all life. The deep time of past cataclysm becomes the deep time of future catastrophe; the residue of life in hydrocarbons becomes the residue of capital in petrochemical plastics. Capitalism leaves in its wake the disappearance of species, languages, cultures, and peoples. It seeks the planned obsolescence of all life. Extinction lies at the heart of capitalist accumulation.

Today’s debate about planetary crisis has yielded the concepts of the Anthropocene and the Capitalocene. Both recognize extinction but have yet to grasp its ontological significance—for humanity or for capitalism. 

What I wish to propose is that we recognize the Necrocene-or “New Death”- as a fundamental biogeological moment of our era the Capitalocene. 

The Necrocene reframes the history of capitalism’s expansion through the process of becoming extinction

Justin McBrien is PhD candidate in environmental history at the University of Virginia. His work examines the historical relationship between the military-industrial complex, climate science, environmentalism, and theories of planetary catastrophe. He is currently completing his dissertation,

Making the World Safe for Disaster: 
The Rise of the Biosecurity State and the Globalization of Catastrophe in Cold War America.” 

Monday, February 6, 2017

                            WHY  DELINGPOLE CAN'T  READ

James  Delingpole  may brag of his inablity to read science for himself ( see video at the end of this piece)  but  he seldom evades the consequences of failing to check his facts,  witness his latest Breitbart lede 
(no emphasis added):
DELINGPOLE: NOAA Scandal Gives Trump The Perfect Excuse To Drain The Climate Swamp

Wherein  he tells us all about what's in what he hasn't read:
"In October 2015, we followed up with a story headlined: NOAA Attempts To Hide The Pause In Global Warming: The Most Disgraceful Cover Up Since Climategate.This reported on how NOAA had refused to give up its documents in response to a subpoena by Rep Lamar Smith (R-Texas) who also smelt a rat – and just needed some raw data to prove it.Now, NOAA insider John Bates has provided the smoking gun to Mail on Sunday reporter David Rose.In an exclusive interview, Dr Bates accused the lead author of the paper, Thomas Karl, who was until last year director of the NOAA section that produces climate data – the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) – of ‘insisting on decisions and scientific choices that maximised warming and minimised documentation… 
Really - or has Delingpole disinformed his readers yet again? 
The Associated Press reports Rose's latest bogus bombshell in  The Mail  has been repudiated by his primary source:

"Bates said in an interview Monday with The Associated Press ...  that there was "no data tampering, no data changing, nothing malicious." 
"It's really a story of not disclosing what you did," Bates said in the interview. "It's not trumped up data in any way shape or form."

Reading  a scientifically literate dissection of  Rose's article, like this one by a Scotish physicist,  one discovers the whipper-in of  Breitbart's mounted climate science constabulary is not alone in his dyslexia- Rose can't read numbers either:

David Rose’s article also includes the figure above which purports to show that the NOAA data was adjusted to show higher temperatures. Well, this is immediately odd in that the issue is really the trend (i.e., how fast is it changing), not the actual temperature values. Also, the difference is almost entirely because NOAA presents their temperature anomalies relative to a 1901-2000 baseline, while HadCRUT4 presents theirs relative to a 1961-1990 baseline. 
If you shift them to have the same baseline, the discrepancy goes away :
The  immediate conclusion one might  draw is that [Rose's]  figure is  intentionally  misleading, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that David Rose simply does  not understand the concept  of a  temperature  anomaly, despite having  written many articles about  them. 

Not that that's ever stopped Delingpole-- having yet again failed to grasp even bog-standard science, he  gallops on to another breathlessly wrong conclusion :

President Trump has said that there is a massive swamp that needs draining.  But his efforts are being resisted at every turn by all those lying scientists, bent politicians, rent-seeking businessmen, and Soros-funded activist groups who insist: “What swamp? What crocodiles? What leeches? Nothing to see here!”...
Here at Breitbart we smelt a rat from the moment NOAA released its dodgy, “Pause-busting” study two years ago.

In terms of the climate propaganda wars, on the other hand, it is huge: this is a blow from which the Alarmist establishment may never recover... This will be a particularly delicious irony for all those honest sceptics who, over the last few decades, have been branded “anti-science” for questioning the global warming “consensus.”

Michael Crichton once said: “There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.
  Which,  given how plainly  the  climate  trend  speaks, comes under the heading of  horsefeathers, making Spinmeister Jim's take on 'consensus'  this blog's lawful prey:

Climate change denier James Delingpole doesn't... by LukeScientiae

                                   EXISTENTIAL  THREATS :

The belle epoque of environmental paranoia arrives in earnest as an expert witness aged five challenges  PBS refusal to extend the Panda Climate Angst  franchise to our friend, the Giant  Weasel  of Sikkim:


FEB. 6 2017 12:09 PM

Kids’ TV Is Ignoring Climate Change

Shows like Nature Cat and Sid the Science Kid teach children everything about wildlife and the environment—with one glaring exception.

The green Wikipedia  grinches  beg to differ :
The red panda has been classified as Endangered by the IUCN because its wild population is estimated at less than 10,000 mature individuals and continues to decline due to habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching, and inbreeding depression, ... the results of phylogenetic analysis provide strong support for its taxonomic classification in its own family Ailuridae, which, along with the weasel, raccoon and skunk families is part of the superfamily Musteloidea
Though no one could mistake this mighty mustelid for  the giant panda of  National Zoo, WWF-logo & Kung Fu fame, a local name has made the browsing creature famous.   Behold the Firefox!
The NY Times reports one of the existenially threatened cratures  roams the suburbs of D.C.  having escaped a Virginia zoo; while others are on the loose and in active competition with the fauna of Britain & New Zealand.
Heaven help the coyote who runs into one. 

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Famed  Waterfront  Property  Buccaneer
Inaugurated  To  Preside  Over
Potomac  Fever -- Swamp  Fleet 

Sea  Level  Rise  Makes  Mar del Lago  Natural Base
 For  Dread  Privateer  Trump
The President ( be he kin o'the Dutch Admiral?) having by  Surprize got  the  weather  Gage  of  the  Low  Whig  candidate,  Mifstress Clinton, told  a  Capitol  quarterdeck  crowd  far  too large  to reckon  on  his  fingers  that,  for sure  as  a  rising  tide  lifts  all galleons, he  giveth not  the  Fig  of  Spain  for the huge  Flight of Whiggish  Lubbers, Liberals &  such-like  bilge rats flushed  down the  Virginee  Tidewater  from the fever swamps of the Potomock.
                     THE  PIRATE  SHIPPING  NEWS
Many an Aarrrgh!  has been heard  in  the Port O'New York 
of   late,  for   the  China  Trade  be  run   hard  and   fast  aground.
Bo'suns can't shanghai  able  bodied  heathens  enough to man the yards   as   a  Dearth  of  Barbarees,  Levanters  &  Lascaradoes  be coming ashore.  As Trump's  embargo of them sorts  leaves  nought for the press-gangs to belay, a savvy  South Street bilge barrister  should be ensigned to survey yer Black Book of Admiralty for to see  ifn   this  scurvy Musulman  ban  be  not contrary  to th'Code.

 New-Captured Logs 
Al Qaeda's been Codswalloped & Holystoned this side of Hormuz,
But The Council On Foreign Pirations reports them Sallee ISIS marabouts have landed their poxy  Sinbad  Jihad  in  the  Hook of Holland, where the corsair  caliphate  hopes to hold  the Europarliament hostage for increased subsidies on xebec careenage & peg-leg repair.

Ye Pyrate Law Review
 Former  Harvard Law Review President interviews  Bofun Watts

      Avast, Ye  Warmin'  Earthers! 
 The Fig of  Spain  to yer squally monsoon    n'mega-drought  scuttlebutt, sayeth Lord     Admiral   Monckton's   Senior   Gunner ,  Mister Ebell: if  it be  hot  in Madagascar,     why, man  the capstan, wear ship & tack        through  the  Northwest  Passage  to 
  plunder  the sea otter trade!  more>\

Cap'n  Ken Haapala be ye Flying Finn what wants to helm NOAA, and keelhaul  draw & quarter warm water undeniers  thar.
Piracy Has A Long & Brutal Ahoystory. 
 Admiralty   law   contains   useful
  precedents  for counterterrorism. Due  process  is  paramount, so lay  aft  to  see  how  it  deals with Somali sea  dogs: 
If  they  wears  the  Red  Sea  rig,
We make'em dance th'hempen jig

That chase be  making full sail, but good  Governance  before the  mast can include components besides   democratic   participation, says Francis Fukuyama. (Bloody landlubber!) 

God looks after drunken bilge rats, children, and Old Ironsides, but on what strange tide did Cap'n Trump shanghai Palm Beach voters into orderin' a neocon legal agenda aloft into the riggin ? more»       

Essays & Affadavys

The Institute for Advanced Filibustering
suggests sensitivity training could help reduce the carbon footprint. of corsair coastal raids.

A  double blind study using Tunis arrack as a Demerara rum placebo revealeth  hands whats  given  extra  grog  tend  to  Rape, Pillage  & Loot  all  the  more, and sure as perdition are thus difposed to Burn  less. 


Them Frenchy Anthropocene Semioticians be askin' if quotation marks around decadal temperature averages be the new boldface?
 Arrh, and  Cap'n Koonin's WSJ op-ed  be old & lame as  the smoked rats in  the  lobscouse  o'a  grog  shop  what  runs up  a  "Fine Food" burgee.  Don’t expect such usage to overhaul Bristol fashion English ... more» 
Available in better grog shops coastwise

The Weekly Black Flag

Couch  Admiral  of  the  Red  States  Kristol wonders how yer Arab Left can openly embrace  Muslims listing  far  to  starboard ?.   says  Hussein Ibish, (By the Black Spot, that be a Barbary Boatswain sure) such matey gestures oft  be  returned  by a  poxy  kiss  o'Davey Jones camel more»

The Paris Pirate Review

Th’ doxy was dazzled  by Cap'n  Sartre’s  brilliance  as  a scuttlebut  philosopher.  For Simone  de Beauvoir, smart as paint  terms  like 'essence' , or  'contin'ency'  were like a  chest  O’gold pistoles' or a  carton  of  Habana  Disque Bleu  segarilloes ... 

 Booty cant buy happiness.
 Yet there be a strong correlation between the clime o' a country 'n its general level o' happiness, accordin to  Sigfried Singer. Senior Sawbones O' the K-Street pirate fleet.  But it's hard to believe hotter is better when the tar on yer hat starts to run...more»

Antarctica be a red state. 
March o' the Penguins ‘affirms more than Global Cooling- thar be norms O The Code like monogamy sacrifice'n child rearin'” says a critic. But some o' those penguins be gay... (Bilge!)

Thar be genuine intensity in the sufferin' o' Frida Kahlo. Yet thar be somethin' vaguely repulsive in the adulation she receives.   Victimhood, aft all, be not beatitude... (Poxy landlubber!) more»  


“ Sink me, n'I have felt it meself,” Freeman Dyson said
“The glitter o' nuclear weapons.  It be  irresistible if ye come t' 'em as a scientist: an illusion o' illimitable   power.” Arrrh, Tis time for another broadside-- hail the powder monkey  to fetch 10 more kilotons from the magazine ..more»  

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