Monday, November 4, 2013


Is "Ultimate Masonry Southern Yin-Yang Fetus in Fetu-Magneto Agglutination" the real cause of global warming, or is it merely "the Cunning Work Satan never knew?" Best ask WUWT?'s official teller of tales of the South Pacific, ex-Solomon Islands construction foreman Willis Eschenbach.

Willis long ago disproved the existence of global warming and thermodynamics to the satisfaction of himself and his fans, but WUWT's award-winning blend of tiki bar and cargo cult science now faces competition from the indigenous scientific wisdom of Polynesia.

The word from the Kingdom of Tonga is that seven brand new forces of  climate forcing have just fallen like breadfruit from heaven into a single NIPCC-worthy paper:

In an opus magnopere that puts Singer, Soon & Spencer to shame, Junior Astrophysicist Votua Levu blends Mormon archaeology and the Koran in an exegesis Sky Dragon, Iron Sun and Principia Institute fans can only envy--
Why wait for the revelations of these polynesian polymaths to trickle down to Fox, Rush, and the Murdoch papers when you can read them here first? 

Mr. Levu, who is the protege' of parochial school Maitre "Everything Noble is always Golden with Crystal Mind" Aurthur, appears to be a kindred spirit of Viscount Monckton, as both are mad keen on cricket and claim to have cured AIDS :
Cure for HIV-Aids, Cancer, Life Style Diseases Revelation 5:6 Wisdom of Solomon 7:17 2 Chronicles 9:3, 9:15-22, Mark 9:45-50
Might they be related ? 

At the very least, Mr. Levu's views on "lslamic  studies of Kapa lsland [Kaaba] Paradise Nuclear Radiation and Galactic  Neutron Flux Radiation & Nuapapu Radiation Bio-security." merit a panel discussion by the Dominionist divines gracing the next Heartland Conference:

And in other news about the Keystone Pipeline

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Semantic agression has had a good long run on both sides of K Street, but its latest feculent leaving has  been picked up by noted Cisco California semiotician and belle-lettrist Anthony Watts. 

Forget who nailed the adjective ' Catastrophic to AGW after Global Cooling failed to sell. Here's Watt's protege Andy West's latest  advertisement for himself and his new pet, The CAGW Memeplex:

"From memetic chain letters that stretch back to the hieroglyphs (Letters from Heaven), to the analysis of social cross-coalitions via game theory within the perspective of economics. From the concept of ‘the Social Mind’ courtesy of neuro-scientist Michael Gazzaniga, to pressure upon religions by aggressive atheism as promoted by Richard Dawkins. From modification of theistic memes in the Old to the New Testament, to notions of Gaia and telegraph wires and wing-nuts. Plus memetic sex, witchcraft, cults, Cathars, concepts of salvation, Communism, hi-jacking altruism, Lynsenkoism, lichen, psychologizers, National Socialism, de-darwinisation, that ugly term ‘denier’, and much more."

Friday, November 1, 2013


Forget the Ground Zero waterfall & the disappearing Jersey Shore!

When it comes to superstorm Sandy, what counts is the wisdom of The Heartland Institute:

For global warming activists, uninformed media pundits and the weak of mind, Hurricane Sandy may well provide a convenient opportunity to sell a fictitious global warming hurricane crisis. For the rest of us, we should thank global warming for its beneficial impacts on hurricanes that save countless lives with each passing year.

And the fanboids who voted WUWT Best Science Blog of 2012:
WUWT   29 October 2012 
  Willis Eschenbach   
I had said a couple of days ago, when Sandy was a hurricane, that it would not be a hurricane when it hit the coast. How did that go? 

Well, as of the time that this location and projection of the path was done ...Not one of the actual observations is showing sustained winds over 50 knots, and that’s a long ways from the 72 knots that marks a hurricane  …not a hurricane. 
  1. Theo Goodwin  says:
    I cannot find a photo or video that looks like a major storm surge. In New York City, all I see are events of water sloshing over seawalls. Wind damage seems all but nonexistent, though one crane happened to collapse. I just do not see the major storm that has been hyped for two days. Sorry, but the MSM are demented. Given the MSM’s propensity for unbridled hype, they should not be allowed to play with computer models.
    My argument is with the MSM. ..Preposterous. The totality of their hype was Preposterous. They should have told the truth that it would become a tropical storm at landfall or soon after... Tropical storms are tree killers. Hurricanes kill trees, buildings, streets, and everything.
  2. J.Hansford says:
    Yep, It’s no hurricane…..There’ll be damage and flooding. Any big storm arriving during a full or new moon is going to have exacerbated flooding over the 12-24 hours... the news teams which are nothing now but glorified info-tainment purveyors, with the emphasis on hype, catastrophe and propaganda, will be whooping it up for all it’s worth… sigh. I long for the days when people just  went about their lives with a bit of decorum….;-)

    DJ says:
    Frankenstorm downgraded to Frankenfart?

    Day By Day says:
    If you poke around in the history here at WUWT and look at some recent (within the last 3 months) topics, you can find many references to weather being LESS, not more severe at this time. Everytime the weather sneezes is not a reason to exaggerate in order to support a failing alarmism agenda... I enjoy these types of posts for my sanity

    Willis Eschenbach says: