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Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer!


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     Bob Carter     February 2015:
"Willie Soon .... forms  part  of  a  quartet with Fred Singer, Richard Lindzen and Roy Spencer – as an equal member of the four U.S. climate scientists who are most respected by their international peers"

Carter's claim eclipses in absurdity even Monckton's delusional view of himself as Prime Minister Thatcher's military and  economics adviser.  Here , to Contrast and compare is  
 Russell Seitz       March 2008 :       
"Among the few skeptics on climate change who count as real players in the underlying scientific game is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a prolific and respected author of peer-reviewed papers on the atmospheric sciences, MIT’s Richard Lindzen... stands out like a gilded lightning rod atop a pyramid whose scientific facade is propped up by a rubbly Flintstone fill of politically appointed TV weathermen, geologists, and mining engineers self-righteously defending the turf (and production prospects) of coal and tar sand miners....  he has alienated committing the unpardonable political sin of allowing scientific facts to change his mind."

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"how many times have we had a “consensus” of opinion only later to find that consensus overturned? Well there’s plate tectonicsphlogistonEugenicsEarth centric universestress caused ulcers, and now cholesterol." 


Forget Willie Soon's bad ink in The New York Times, and Climate Research  editors resigning en masse to protest his end run around peer review.  God is on his side, says Calvinist luminary E. Calvin Beisner, ThD. ,who last year canonized  Roy Spencer as 'Outstanding Evangelical Climate Scientist of the Year.' and elevated Delaware's politically appointed State Climatologist  to Fellow of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

Now it's Willie's turn. If anything beats apotheosis in Vegas, it's having the last journal you published in propelled into the Science Citations stratosphere by an Act of God. 

According to the Reverend Doctor Beisner Willie's recent paper with Viscount Monckton et al appeared in
'Science Bulletin (formerly Chinese Science Bulletin), "the Orient's equivalent of Science or Nature," as co-author William Briggs, a statistician, describes it.'
Here, from The Christian Post, is Dominionist divine Beisner's take on why Willie must be right, and everybody else's climate models are engines of preterition hateful to God and unfit to be seen in Christendom:

"On the heels of the Vatican's announcement that the Pope intends to urge support for an international agreement to fight global warming by reducing human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil-fuel energy use, a new peer-reviewed scientific paper reveals powerful evidence that CO2 emissions contribute far less to global warming than widely thought.
The paper, "Why models run hot: results from an irreducibly simple climate model," appeared in the January 8 edition of Science Bulletin (formerly Chinese Science Bulletin), "the Orient's equivalent of Science or Nature," as co-author William Briggs, a statistician, describes it.
Briggs's co-authors are Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon, British journalist and mathematician Christopher Monckton of the Science and Public Policy Institute, and University of Delaware Professor of Climatology Dr. David R. Legates, a Senior Fellow of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.
The authors set out to explain why the computer models on which the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and others who believe rising atmospheric (CO2) concentrations will cause dangerously high global warming simulate increases far in excess of what is observed, as shown in this graph:
Medium term global temperature trendsMedium term global temperature trend projections from January 1990 to October 2014.They conclude that it's because the models all assume that feedbacks—the many ways the climate system responds to changes within it—on balance magnify any warming that takes place, whereas observations indicate that they reduce it instead.
This would make the climate system, like other natural systems, robust, resilient, self-regulating, and self-correcting, i.e., would allow it to vary but within bounds. The opposite assumption would make it prone to catastrophe driven by "runaway positive feedback loops."...
The Biblical worldview … suggests that the wise Designer of Earth's climate system, like any skillful engineer, would have equipped it with balancing positive and negative feedback mechanisms that would make the whole robust, self-regulating, and self-correcting. 
The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and other climate alarmists, however, all depend for their projections of dangerous warming on computer climate models that have a strong bias toward positive feedbacks...
Climate scientists around the world are reducing their estimates of climate sensitivity. The implication is that whatever harms are alleged to result from manmade global warming must also be reduced. And that makes it more difficult to justify the hundreds of billions, or trillions, of dollars global warming alarmists want us to spend to reduce CO2 emissions...

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It's only a matter of time before the usual climate loons hijack Mike Rampino's latest paper, but bravo to him anyway for his December Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society paper  announcing something refreshingly new under the sun 

Forget Nemesis encounters doing in the dinosaurs--Mike doesn't do existential threat inflation by halves.

Instead, try gross ( hundreds of Kelvins ) heating of the Earth's entire core by sporadic infall and annihilation of clumps of  WIMP dark matter  as the solar system traverses the galactic plane.  Mike hypothesizes that the big delta T could drive accelerated tectonics and rifting, leading to or exacerbating extinction events  large and small:

Wheras  ordinary  solar system  dark matter flux annihilation is estimated, assuming  ta ab=∼0.34, ρ 0.3=1, V300 =1, mX =15–100 GeV and the cross section of iron  σN  to be ~10 to the minus  32 cm2, to warm earth's core by only four ten thousandths of the current geothermal flux, (Mack, Beacom & Bertone 2007).

Rampino reckons that 
For encounters with dense clumps of DM, however, with coreDM densities up to 10^9 times the average (Silk & Stebbins 1993)...up to 10^19 W of internal heating is possible during clump crossing, with clumps encountered every 30–100 Myr (Collar 1996)

here's the abstract :

Disc dark matter in the Galaxy and potential cycles of extraterrestrial impacts, mass extinctions and geological events

  1. Michael R. Rampino1,2,3,
  1. 1Department of Biology, New York University, New York, NY 10003, USA
  2. 2Department of Environmental Studies, New York University, New York, NY 10003, USA
  3. 3NASA, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 2880 Broadway, New York, 
  • Accepted 2014 December 30. Received In original form 2014 November 4.published online February 18, 2015.


A cycle in the range of 26–30 Myr has been reported in mass extinctions, and terrestrial impact cratering may exhibit a similar cycle of 31 ± 5 Myr. These cycles have been attributed to the Sun's vertical oscillations through the Galactic disc, estimated to take from ∼30 to 42 Myr between Galactic plane crossings. Near the Galactic mid-plane, the Solar system's Oort Cloud comets could be perturbed by Galactic tidal forces, and possibly a thin dark matter (DM) disc, which might produce periodic comet showers and extinctions on the Earth. Passage of the Earth through especially dense clumps of DM, composed of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) in the Galactic plane, could also lead to heating in the core of the planet through capture and subsequent annihilation of DM particles. This new source of periodic heating in the Earth's interior might explain a similar ∼30 Myr periodicity observed in terrestrial geologic activity, which may also be involved in extinctions. These results suggest that cycles of geological and biological evolution on the Earth may be partly controlled by the rhythms of Galactic dynamics.

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Good minions are hard to find, but Singer, Spencer and Soon's failure to recruit a new A-Team of artful dodgers doesn't mean the game is up
Why pay megabucks to cut-outs to publish crap science papers in D-list journals when K Street has discovered nanotech & molecular bio, and ingenious lobbyists can create ad campaigns too small to fail: 


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Neocon anti-climate science blog  
Planet Gore has ceased publication.

The transcendently corny 'Hot Blog' mirrored the intellectual implosion of  National Review. After  founder William F. Buckley's sad death, the magazine shrank in sensibility much as The American Mercury did in the aftermath of H L Mencken's demise.

Seeking  an explanation, I wrote the blog's last known contributor, Detroit News cartoonist and muscle car maven Henry Payne:
Dear Henry;
As the last person to post a Planet Gore article, how do you construe the blog's disappearance from the NR website ?
Best regards -and keep up the cartoons !
​ Who kindly replied:
Alas, PGore is no more. I think they were stretched too thin on blogs - PGore contributors were me and Greg Pollowitz (with GP mostly doing links to other sites). Then Greg left and they didn't have enough material to sustain traffic. 
I'll continue to contribute to NRO is some other forum - I'm working that out with them. As for the cartoons, they can be found all over starting at my syndicate's site,
Keep up the good VVattsUp work, and good to have an ally at Harvard. As a Princeton grad, I know how goofy the Ivies can be - HP
Although I first voted against Al when he ran for Student Council here, and have continued to do so with growing fervor ever since, I am obliged to acknowledge the very sensible verdict he delivered as judge of the closing debate at the 1987 Virginia Tech seminar : "Is Nuclear Winter Real And Relevant ?"  

After hearing hours of argument as to the merits and demerits of global climate models and all the parameters needed to run them, the then Senator and his fellow judge-- and father, Al Gore Senior,  concluded that Sagan's "Apocalyptic predictions" were too uncertain to change the basis of US strategic doctrine.*

Though Planet Gore never proved worth its canonical pitcher of warm spit, its disappearance scarcely threatens the nation's self-parody supply. Its namesake continues to subsidize an entourage of Vice-Presidential historians, PR hacks and agitproparezzi that Dan Quayle and Joe Biden might envy.

*[ CF : Proc. IEEE,  news section March 7 1987]

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Curbing its inner Jacobin, the Guardian has apologized for calls to behead Lord Ridley:

"The blogpost used the zombie analogy to discuss Lord Ridley’s views, illustrated by a photograph taken at a festival of someone carrying a dummy zombie head."

Will this inspire an ecumenical call for the demolition of Notre Dame, so St. Denys can put his head back on?

Leaving Bishop Hill's colleague standing about the Ile de la Cite' 
noggin in hand might give banlieusards odd ideas about what to do when infidel pedestrians walk past wind turbines in Paris' stormier arrondissements.

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Who could possibly dislike an Old Salopian contemporary of Michael Palin witty enough to help found Private Eye in 1961 and remain a permanent feature of the magazine's joke-writing team?

Besides writing Spectator media columns, Sunday Telegraph jazz criticism, political satire for That Was The Week That Was , and seconding the Prince of Wales' fight against Labour's brutalist urban architecture with the 1979 BBC program, City of Towers , this paragon of Pythondom authored The Neophiliacs, an insightful analysis of the role of fantasy in British political life.

His own included: Booker is a scientific illiterate on a par with Bishop Wilburforce. In 2005
this peerless intellectualoid overshot the Antimodernist mark by telling  Telegraph readers that Creationism was OK, and Darwinists 
"rest their case on nothing more than blind faith and unexamined a priori assumptions." 
In 2010 Booker turned his powers of investigation on the chair of the IPCC, whom he accused of corruption, but a British libel judge disagreed, and in 2010, The Daily Telegraph issued an apology and paid about a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees.

Yet the content-challenged Booker continues to write like an angel, and his next satirical project seems made in heaven. What could provide more ample scope for a sequel to The Neophilliacs than the rich fantasy life of his current patron, the Global Warming Policy Foundation?

It's not too late for some Green Lord Copper to gazump the Barclay Brothers & the GWPF by kickstarting Booker's overdue masterpiece!