Thursday, February 19, 2015


Neocon anti-climate science blog  
Planet Gore has ceased publication.

The transcendently corny 'Hot Blog' mirrored the intellectual implosion of  National Review. After  founder William F. Buckley's sad death, the magazine shrank in sensibility much as The American Mercury did in the aftermath of H L Mencken's demise.

Seeking  an explanation, I wrote the blog's last known contributor, Detroit News cartoonist and muscle car maven Henry Payne:
Dear Henry;
As the last person to post a Planet Gore article, how do you construe the blog's disappearance from the NR website ?
Best regards -and keep up the cartoons !
​ Who kindly replied:
Alas, PGore is no more. I think they were stretched too thin on blogs - PGore contributors were me and Greg Pollowitz (with GP mostly doing links to other sites). Then Greg left and they didn't have enough material to sustain traffic. 
I'll continue to contribute to NRO is some other forum - I'm working that out with them. As for the cartoons, they can be found all over starting at my syndicate's site,
Keep up the good VVattsUp work, and good to have an ally at Harvard. As a Princeton grad, I know how goofy the Ivies can be - HP
Although I first voted against Al when he ran for Student Council here, and have continued to do so with growing fervor ever since, I am obliged to acknowledge the very sensible verdict he delivered as judge of the closing debate at the 1987 Virginia Tech seminar : "Is Nuclear Winter Real And Relevant ?"  

After hearing hours of argument as to the merits and demerits of global climate models and all the parameters needed to run them, the then Senator and his fellow judge-- and father, Al Gore Senior,  concluded that Sagan's "Apocalyptic predictions" were too uncertain to change the basis of US strategic doctrine.*

Though Planet Gore never proved worth its canonical pitcher of warm spit, its disappearance scarcely threatens the nation's self-parody supply. Its namesake continues to subsidize an entourage of Vice-Presidential historians, PR hacks and agitproparezzi that Dan Quayle and Joe Biden might envy.

*[ CF : Proc. IEEE,  news section March 7 1987]