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                  WHAT  TIME  DOES  THIS  CLIMATE  WAR
                       STOP  AT  THE  NEXT  REVOLUTION ?

Two  West Village  marxistantes  tell  
New York Times  readers  where to  get off :

We Don’t Need a 'War' 

on Climate Change 

We Need a Revolution

By Eric S.Godoy and Aaron Jaffe

In the United States, we are familiar with war metaphors; and they are often politically useful. We have been through wars on poverty, drugs, cancer and even Christmas. In these cases, metaphors are understood as metaphors, but when McKibben points to territory ceded, space invaded, cultural loss and human suffering, he intends to be taken at face value: “It’s not that global warming is like a world war,” he writes. “It is a world war.”
War rhetoric serves a valuable function. It stresses the seriousness of the harm, its structural nature and the need to struggle against it. Wars require people to sacrifice and to share responsibility for a joint effort larger than individual preferences and comforts. They can also motivate solidarity: The goal of defeating the enemy orients all activity, and whatever may divide or distract us from achieving that goal must be put aside. In the rhetoric-bag of political discourse, “war” is a forceful weapon.
McKibben is one of the most visible and motivating climate activists in North America... Our goal here is not to attack McKibben so much as the rhetorical strategy that he, along with others, have made increasingly popular.
The idea that climate change is a war is inaccurate, and a potentially counterproductive frame for organizing the resistance needed to secure a habitable planet. By stressing existential threat, war tends to divide the world into allies and enemies, against whom we need to risk all. McKibben insists that climate change is “a world war aimed at us all.” But aimed by whom? It is variably polluting industries, tepid or two-faced politicians, our own political passivity, and even the laws of physics. McKibben often writes as if nature itself was a bellicose agent.
This approach ignores the environmental movement’s earlier rhetorical and organizational strengths. As a political force, the movement grew from roots in the nonviolent soil of civil rights struggles, and was radicalized in antiwar protests and resistance against nuclear weapons. This legacy is not merely historical: it is alive and well in the language and action of ongoing resistance at Standing Rock. ...
One thing we all share is that we secure existence in and through a relationship with our environment — all living things do. In recognition of this fact, Marx thought of the human body as part of the natural world and called nature an extension of our bodies. Following Marx, contemporary theorists like Jason Moore and John Bellamy Fosterdescribe our changing, and dangerously unstable metabolic relationship with nature...
 However, if we understand that the enemy is not our physical environment, but the unjust social relations that allow some to gain at the expense of and risk to others, then technological solutions can be a part, but only a part, of the plan. Crucial to this plan is gaining social control over the private, exploitative and even irresponsible direction of the human-nature metabolism.
For this reason, Naomi Klein has called for solutions that go beyond the technological...We want to follow Klein’s lead in shifting the conceptual focus from technologies of power to relations of power. ..
We urgently need to motivate action, but given the ambiguities and dangers surrounding war rhetoric, we need better orienting language. Perhaps, as some have suggested, “revolution” is the better path...
Climate change demands not only a race to develop and deploy new energy technologies, but a revolution to democratize all forms of power — fossil fuels, wind, solar, but most important, economic and political power."

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A leaked memo shows Climate Progress guru John Podesta hired PR firm Fabiani & Lehane LLC to morph

 THE   WHITE   HOUSE    ...
into a ' troglodyte narrative ' with the  'Dialectic'  aim of denouncing  whoever criticizes Obama's agenda as a  'social misanthrope' 

"From:  To:  
Date: 2014-01-28 14:37 Subject: Follow-up   [EMPHASIS ADDED IN REDBOLD]
John -- 
Really nice seeing you last week... .
Per your request, attached is a memorandum outlining a possible unifying approach for the Administration when it comes to climate... 
the specific material requested(a range of so-called "frames"...written so as one could just cut and paste... to provide some strategic thinking on the politics of climate ... 

We hope this is helpful and stand ready to support whatever you may need... Break a leg (or a hand, as the case may be) tonight.

Best,      Christopher Lehane


Thank you for asking us to share some ideas for a holistic approach to climate. Per your direction, the goal is to unify policy, politics, and communications ...

The unifying theory is best expressed by this basic principle: If the effort to change public opinion on climate change is animated by the same one-off policies and practices that are employed to change public opinion on most other policy issues, then defeat is inevitable...

To achieve victory, we must treat climate change as... a true political social movement to create change...
 Fully leveraging ... Biblical superstorms, extreme droughts, and historic wildfires...

2. Right v. Wrong (Climate as political social change)...

one cannot be  handcuffed  by  data  on a fundamental moral issue of this kind..the magic will not be in the precision of specific words the Administration chooses to use ...

The concept must be big; it must be simple; and it must 'lean in'
to where the public is inclined to go ... The Big Idea would be the communications prism, the emotional touchstone, and the policy hub for all climate-related policies...

× Dialectic. At the end of the day... one needs to have an organizing platform that defines ... the opposition as morally responsible for an issue that threatens the health and welfare of the American people. TR had the plutocrats. FDR fought Fascism. LBJ took on poverty. And Reagan had the Soviets...

× Anti-Basic Science... The power of this approach is that it ... fits into what we call the Troglodyte Narrative
(anti-women; anti-Latino; anti-gun safety; anti-common sense fiscal policy; and anti-science) that is raising basic trust issues for the Republican Party ...

× Frame climate as... You either are a member of our society or you are a social misanthrope (i.e., litterer, smoker around a pregnant women, etc.).

Justice... This frame would also fit... the Administration’s focus on equality/opportunity, and could encompass both domestic issues and international issues (rising seas wiping out millions of poor people in Southeast Asia, droughts leading to famine in Africa; rising temperatures creating plagues in Latin America)...

× Anti-Tobacco... We realize that this is likely a bridge too far, but we felt obligated to present it in the range of options...

The Winning Principles 

- ending royalties to the most profitable companies in the world and sending the money back to the public as a tax break

- solar panels along our public roads that would reduce energy costs for all Americans

- barring or limiting utilities from charging fees to consumers who put solar panels on their domiciles

- improved drinking water standards

- significantly enhanced liabilities for companies that pollute water or pollute lands with pipeline/rail leaks

- asthma protections; establishment of a significant liability health and safety protocol related to fracking

- banning political contributions from entities that receive federal funding, permits or tax benefits related to public lands

- stronger consumes protection on gas prices to protect against refiners and distributors manipulating the supply lines

- protecting consumers from hot gas

× Briefing on the Big Idea to each and every Department/Agency. And then require that they... be held accountable and responsible.

× Weekly meeting with each agency’s point person and the White House point person.

× White House point person coordinates all activity with the White House communications office.

× Establishment of an extreme weather SWAT team..."



Lehane's opinion of  half the electorate may be traced to  Montesquieu's Persian Letters :

 In Arabia there were a few people  named  Troglodytes ... so wicked and brutish that they were strangers to the principles of justice and equity.

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Millions of  migrating  tweets  perished  last week as flocks of  twits were sucked into the carbon-offset vortex of blogosphere superstorm Leonardo. Maps from the Carbon Brief climate wars weather service  record  how  the  tragic  twitter  typhoon  raked  the  Left  Coast and accelerated eastward, sucking hot air from the right side of  K-Street and the west wing of the White House. 

Variety & Scientific American report extensive 10-K erosion occured as the cyclone tore  through  pundit nest-egging grounds in Malibu, Turtle Bay and La Jolla.

List of top tweets (by number of retweets) mentioning Leonardo Di Caprio in the week ending 06 March 2016.

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