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                         LICHENS   OF  THE  WORLD  UNITE! 
                    AND  MAYBE  A  FEW  TENTACLES

Donna J. Haraway
“We are all lichens.”
Think we must. We must think.”

"What happens when human exceptionalism and methodological individualism, those old saws of Western philosophy and political economics, become unthinkable... Surely, such a transformative time on Earth must not be named the Anthropocene!

In this essay, with all the unfaithful offspring of the sky gods, with my littermates who find a rich wallow in multispecies muddles... I want to stay with the trouble, and the only way I know to do that is in generative joy, terror, and collective thinking.

My first demon familiar in this task will be a spider, Pimoa cthulu, who lives under stumps... gets her generic name from the language of the Goshute people of Utah and her specific name from denizens of the depths, from the abyssal and elemental entities, called chthonic. 

The chthonic powers of Terra infuse its tissues everywhere, in spite of the civilizing efforts of the agents of sky gods to astralize them and set up chief Singletons and their tame committees of multiples or subgods, the One and the Many. 
With Pimoa cthulu, I propose a name for an elsewhere and elsewhen that was, still is, and might yet be: the Chthulucene (sic). Myriad tentacles will be needed to tell the story of the Chthulucene."

Donna Haraway...distinguished professor emerita in the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California...was awarded the JD Bernal Prize...for distinguished lifetime contributions to the webs of biological sciences, cultures, and politics, Haraway explores string figures composed by science fact, science fiction, speculative feminism, speculative fabulation, science and technology studies, and multispecies worlding. 

I'm  chuffed to report  I got to the 'Chutulucene' three months before  the LRB, where Jenny Turner  ran this in the 1 June issue

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    Minnesota, 300 pp, £15.95, April 2016, ISBN 978 0 8166 5048 4
  • BUYStaying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene by Donna Haraway
    Duke, 312 pp, £22.99, August 2016, ISBN 978 0 8223 6224 1

The word ‘Anthropocene’, defined as ‘the era of geological time during which human activity is considered to be the dominant influence on the environment, climate and ecology of the earth’, only made it into the OED in 2014. But doesn’t it feel like it was a billion years ago already? Benjamin Kunkel, writing in the LRB of 5 March, found the term all over recent books of natural history, art and poetry, and on a death-metal album, and concluded his study of what the word might mean for Marxist political economists with an attempt to project it into the eagerly awaited post-capitalist future: ‘In the political sense of the term, then, the question about the Anthropocene isn’t when it began but whether it ever will, and if so, where first. Godspeed!’

Accumulating  Extinction

Planetary Catastrophism  in  the  Necrocene
Justin McBrien

Capital was born from extinction, and from capital, extinction has owed.  Capital does not just rob the soil and worker, as Marx observes, it necrotizes the entire planet. 

Here is a “metabolic rift” - between earth and labor- driven by the contradictions of endless accumulation. That accumulation is not only productive; it is necrotic, unfolding a slow violence, occupying and producing overlapping historical, biological, and geological temporalities. 

Capital is the Sixth Extinction personified: it feasts on the dead, and in doing so, devours all life. The deep time of past cataclysm becomes the deep time of future catastrophe; the residue of life in hydrocarbons becomes the residue of capital in petrochemical plastics. Capitalism leaves in its wake the disappearance of species, languages, cultures, and peoples. It seeks the planned obsolescence of all life. Extinction lies at the heart of capitalist accumulation.

Today’s debate about planetary crisis has yielded the concepts of the Anthropocene and the Capitalocene. Both recognize extinction but have yet to grasp its ontological significance—for humanity or for capitalism. 

What I wish to propose is that we recognize the Necrocene-or “New Death”- as a fundamental biogeological moment of our era the Capitalocene. 

The Necrocene reframes the history of capitalism’s expansion through the process of becoming extinction

Justin McBrien is PhD candidate in environmental history at the University of Virginia. His work examines the historical relationship between the military-industrial complex, climate science, environmentalism, and theories of planetary catastrophe. He is currently completing his dissertation,

Making the World Safe for Disaster: 
The Rise of the Biosecurity State and the Globalization of Catastrophe in Cold War America.” 

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Famed  Waterfront  Property  Buccaneer
Inaugurated  To  Preside  Over
Potomac  Fever -- Swamp  Fleet 

Sea  Level  Rise  Makes  Mar del Lago  Natural Base
 For  Dread  Privateer  Trump
The President ( be he kin o'the Dutch Admiral?) having by  Surprize got  the  weather  Gage  of  the  Low  Whig  candidate,  Mifstress Clinton, told  a  Capitol  quarterdeck  crowd  far  too large  to reckon  on  his  fingers  that,  for sure  as  a  rising  tide  lifts  all galleons, he  giveth not  the  Fig  of  Spain  for the huge  Flight of Whiggish  Lubbers, Liberals &  such-like  bilge rats flushed  down the  Virginee  Tidewater  from the fever swamps of the Potomock.
                     THE  PIRATE  SHIPPING  NEWS
Many an Aarrrgh!  has been heard  in  the Port O'New York 
of  late,  as the  China  Trade  be  run  hard &  fast Aground with bo'suns unable to find & Shanghai  enough  able-bodied  Heathens   to man the yards. 
As  Trump's  embargo  of  Barbarees,  Levanters  and  Lascaradoes leaves  none  for  press - gangs  to  belay,  a  Subscription  is  being raised at Fraunces Tavern,  to  article a  savvy  bilge-barrister   to survey Ye  Black  Book  of  Admiralty, and see  if  Bosun Bannon's scurvy Mussulman  ban  be  not contrary  to the Code.

 New-Captured Logs 
Al Qaeda's been Codswalloped & Holystoned this side of Hormuz,
But The Council On Foreign Pirations reports them Sallee ISIS marabouts have landed their poxy  Sinbad  Jihad  in  the  Hook of Holland, where the corsair  caliphate  hopes to hold  the Europarliament hostage for increased subsidies on xebec careenage & peg-leg repair.

Ye Pyrate Law Review
 Former  Harvard Law Review President interviews  Bofun Watts

      Avast, Ye  Warmin'  Earthers! 
 The Fig of  Spain  to yer squally monsoon    n'mega-drought  scuttlebutt, sayeth Lord     Admiral   Monckton's   Senior   Gunner ,  Mister Ebell: if  it be  hot  in Madagascar,     why, man  the capstan, wear ship & tack        through  the  Northwest  Passage  to 
  plunder  the sea otter trade!  more>\

Cap'n  Ken Haapala be ye Flying Finn what wants to helm NOAA, and keelhaul  draw & quarter warm water undeniers  thar.
Piracy Has A Long & Brutal Ahoystory. 
 Admiralty   law   contains   useful
  precedents  for counterterrorism. Due  process  is  paramount, so lay  aft  to  see  how  it  deals with Somali sea  dogs: 
If  they  wears  the  Red  Sea  rig,
We make'em dance th'hempen jig

That chase be  making full sail, but good  Governance  before the  mast can include components besides   democratic   participation, says Francis Fukuyama. (Bloody landlubber!) 

God looks after drunken bilge rats, children, and Old Ironsides, but on what strange tide did Cap'n Trump shanghai Palm Beach voters into orderin' a neocon legal agenda aloft into the riggin ? more»       

Essays & Affadavys

The Institute for Advanced Filibustering
suggests sensitivity training could help reduce the carbon footprint. of corsair coastal raids.

A  double blind study using Tunis arrack as a Demerara rum placebo revealeth  hands whats  given  extra  grog  tend  to  Rape, Pillage  & Loot  all  the  more, and sure as perdition are thus difposed to Burn  less. 


Them Frenchy Anthropocene Semioticians be askin' if quotation marks around decadal temperature averages be the new boldface?
 Arrh, and  Cap'n Koonin's WSJ op-ed  be old & lame as  the smoked rats in  the  lobscouse  o'a  grog  shop  what  runs up  a  "Fine Food" burgee.  Don’t expect such usage to overhaul Bristol fashion English ... more» 
Available in better grog shops coastwise

The Weekly Black Flag

Couch  Admiral  of  the  Red  States  Kristol wonders how yer Arab Left can openly embrace  Muslims listing  far  to  starboard ?.   says  Hussein Ibish, (By the Black Spot, that be a Barbary Boatswain sure) such matey gestures oft  be  returned  by a  poxy  kiss  o'Davey Jones camel more»

The Paris Pirate Review

Th’ doxy was dazzled  by Cap'n  Sartre’s  brilliance  as  a scuttlebut  philosopher.  For Simone  de Beauvoir, smart as paint  terms  like 'essence' , or  'contin'ency'  were like a  chest  O’gold pistoles' or a  carton  of  Habana  Disque Bleu  segarilloes ... 

 Booty cant buy happiness.
 Yet there be a strong correlation between the clime o' a country 'n its general level o' happiness, accordin to  Sigfried Singer. Senior Sawbones O' the K-Street pirate fleet.  But it's hard to believe hotter is better when the tar on yer hat starts to run...more»

Antarctica be a red state. 
March o' the Penguins ‘affirms more than Global Cooling- thar be norms O The Code like monogamy sacrifice'n child rearin'” says a critic. But some o' those penguins be gay... (Bilge!)

Thar be genuine intensity in the sufferin' o' Frida Kahlo. Yet thar be somethin' vaguely repulsive in the adulation she receives.   Victimhood, aft all, be not beatitude... (Poxy landlubber!) more»  


“ Sink me, n'I have felt it meself,” Freeman Dyson said
“The glitter o' nuclear weapons.  It be  irresistible if ye come t' 'em as a scientist: an illusion o' illimitable   power.” Arrrh, Tis time for another broadside-- hail the powder monkey  to fetch 10 more kilotons from the magazine ..more»  

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