Thursday, July 31, 2014


Sydney Mineral Exploration Discussion Group
 Anthropogenic Climate Change Sceptics (Militant Wing)
Another Climate Wars Own Goal from the land of coal has arrived from a Politically Correct Office Services manager bent on doing for Clive Hamilton what Fred Singer has done for Chris Mooney.

Though ominously fond of Comic Sans, this scientifically tone-deaf and stylistically challenged Dogberry seems relectant to link to the object of his dudgeon, The Deaf/Death Of Global Warming:

Re :Commentary involving Dr Russel Sietz, Harvard Uni
From: Geoff Derrick 
Chelmer Office Services
Shop 5, 10 Central Avenue, Graceville  Q  4075 [] 

Suggested additional material for the Resume ofDr Russel Seitz, Department of Physics, University of Harvard. 
Dear Sir or madam I am a consultant geologist. These comments are not directed at most of you as a personal message, but more to inform you of the type of person that inhabits your own workplace, is closely linked to the University and who works in the Department of Physics. By his recent actions this person, Dr Russell Seitz, is both besmirching the reputation of your University, and at the same time showing himself to be a person of considerable nastiness and with absolutely no moral character whatsoever. 
The good doctor hosts a blog labelled “VVatts up with That”, which is described as being a spoof of the best web science blog on the internet run by Anthony Watts, “Watts up with That.” The latter blog is a highly popular and hugely respected website focussing on climate scepticism, and is strongly science-based, as evidenced by an impressive array of awards, as shown here.
Anthony is a person of the highest integrity who has overcome extreme hearing disability to be an active and highly respected participant in the world of meteorology, science broadcasting and climate matters.
Seitz has chosen to attack Anthony’s hearing disability, and to personally abuse him. In Anthony Watts’ words, (link:“It’s one thing to say things about me because I holdcontrary ideas about global warming, that’s fair game. But I have to say that combining that criticism of my views onglobal warming with taunts over my hearing problem, is just so over-the-top and beyond decency”.He describes me as a “serial hearing aid abuser”.I simply have no words that can convey how repulsive this is to me. 
I’m sure anyone who knows how people suffer from the issues of hearing loss, bothemotionally and socially, can relate. The only explanation I can think of for this sort of behavior is that Dr. Seitz must be unable to grapple with his own moral demons, because no rational person, and certainly no professional academic, would publicly taunt a person for a handicap that they suffer withdaily. I feel sorry for him.” As a measure of Anthony’s basic integrity, he has elected to accept no comments on the posting noted above from WUWT, thus saving Dr Seitz from a flood of likely abusive and outraged commentary from the WUWT readership in response to Seitz’s own brand of personal denigration of Watts.
I am not so sensitive on this issue. The good Dr Seitz has behaved very badly on this occasion, and in my mind has irredeemably sullied the reputation not only of himself butalso your institution. As co-workers at Harvard, you should not be proud of having this man operating from within your hallowed walls. As we say here, he is just a ‘piece of work’.            Sincerely  
 Dr G M Derrick 31 July 2014

As I told the author of a more succinct and civil note, the charge of 'serial hearing aid abuse' pertains less to to Mr. Watt's refusal to hear what he dislikes than his policy of silencing critics entirely.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Were S. Fred Singer to look back on his 90 year career, the man he might see gaining on him the fastest is a Carboniferous chap from Queensland, Stanmore coal director and Burton Coal, Dalrymple Bay Coal, South Blackwater Coal, Tahmoor Coal, & Newlands Coal factotum and Carbon Sense Coalition chairman Viv Forbes.

“Pasture manager, soil scientist and geologist" Forbes, who  thinks "a period of global cooling is likely”, has yet to produce any peer-reviewed climate science, but leads the race to drivelify conservative discourse  having published 62 pages of chloroform in print to S. Fred’s 67, in  the paradoxically titled  American Thinker.
Viv's magisterial essay  All Cows are Green appeared in that opinion-leading journal of the humanities Australian Sugarcane 

Here to convey its tone is a prime Viv Thinkerthought set in Carboniferous context:
along with the rest of his scintilating American Thinker title list:

Monday, July 21, 2014


Undistracted by the 
the rigors of peer review, NIPCC founder and former science advisor to the stars, the Reverend Moon and the Department of Transportation S. Fred Singer,  has authored 67 articles for one journal of opinion alone, the peerlessly un-peer reviewed  American Thinker, and found time to pen eight more for the flagship environmental science journal of The John Birch Society , The New American.  As neither of these august publications have science editors, they could not be reached for congratulatory comments.

So here to add to his 90th birthday festschrift, is a body of work rivaling the presidential orations of Warren G. Harding and the cat paintings of George W. Bush, in that merely reading the titles reveals that some terrible grandeur must lie within: 
The  2004 - 2014 American Thinker bibliography of Siegfried F. Singer:

Friday, July 18, 2014


Wannabe Ocean Fertilizer Russ George is a figure long familiar to readers of my old science policy blog, Adamant, on whose radar he first appeared on December 15, 2007, as a Cold Fusion tout turned Carbon Offset Salesman on the lam on the high seas- plus ca change !


Admiralty Lawyers Avast !
Here be a new Tort: Carbon Offset Piracy
Piratbig2The Black Spot stalks the carbon footprints of Planktos Corporation, last seen trying  to inflict a hotfoot on the shoes of the fisherman.
Climateer reports the scalawags may have added a new misdemeanor to the annals of Admiralty Law : Carbon Offset Piracy. Having promised more planktonic carbon uptake by seawater than could plausibly  be delivered by shoveling rust over the transom of the research vessel that is the main asset of the Enterprise, this merry crew has made off with the corporate flagship.
The yacht Weatherbird II possibly purchased with proceeds from scamming  the faithful into greening the Vatican , has sailed out of sight of its creditors', making Climateer ask :
Is Something Very Wrong With Planktos?Planktos is thirteen days past the date on which their 3rd quarter financials were due at the Securities and Exchange Commission. This is odd for a few different reasons. 1) The company has no revenues...2) Planktos has moved its only tangible asset, the good ship Weatherbird II, outside of U.S. jurisdiction. The boat is carried on the balance sheet at $796,727... PLKT also showed a $797,194 receivable, probably not from operations (they have no sales)...
[The marine saga continues-- Last week the Spanish papers reported Weatherbird II had hightailed it for High Barbaree, Agadir to be exact, but now she is in Madeira, having been refused entry at Las Palmas on a claim of medical emergency due to, you guessed it, plankton poisoning.]

The most recent account from the Spanish Mainsteam press, in   El Publico, says Cap'n George wants the EU & Spain to pay Planktos to investigate the "Cigatura Crisis " it claims to have discovered  en route to nowhere.  Is this  El Ultimo Suspiro Del Alabatroz , or will the conversion of cutlass rust into Sargasso blossom into the Treasure of the Indies ? The smart as paint money is laying two doubloons to a pottle of grog that these lascaradoes will end up keelhauled.
POSTSCRIPT 19 December:
Before the Securities & Exchange Inquisition could locate a comfy chair, or His Spanish Majesty's Admiralty a handy yardarm, Planktos  announced it would attend to Suspending Operations itself.
3 January: They seem to have deep sixed their obligation to The Vatican
Stay tuned - they may yet be seen sailing in company with the gonzo French Nobel laureate who believes in the biological transmutation of iron into manganese?  There be a  process promising great riches in  synergy with cold fusion, as the  first con man to combine the two might convert ironic phytoplankton into manganese nodule futures  .

Saturday, July 12, 2014


The intellectual calm of Las Vegas' was shattered last week as the spirit moved  a dour Calvinist divine of strong Dominionist views, to invade the Mandalay Bay Casino not to denounce that deeply shocking den of iniquity, but earn an honorarium for baptising one of the Lord's preterite scientific sheep as 2014's
Reverend  Calvin Beisner, Th D, a dominie of
er, I mean the  Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of  Creation,  did the honors at a  Heartland Institute  revival meeting  International Climate Conference. The honoree was the  Wrong-Way Corrigan of the Climate Wars, Dr. Roy Spencer, who with fellow evangelist  John Christy preached the gospel of  negative global satellite temperature trends, an exegesis deeper study of The Book Of Nature compelled them to retract in Science in 2005.  Also pontificating was Brit Übertwit James Delingpole, who introduced an Austrian climate rapper as the event's hallelujah chorus.

At the conclusion of  the Calvinist Coolist Conclave , the Heartlandite brethren migrated down the Vegas Strip like an exodus of Mormons fleeing Sodom for Gomorrah,  to arrive the this year's Libertarian Freedomfest, where Delingpole offered  this wholesome perspective on Vegas as an uplifting  Evangelical convention venue:

"Great God, Vegas is an awful place... Everyone was fat and drunk and dressed for the beach... Everywhere had the style and charm and tastefulness of Redditch...
you can only survive Vegas if you learn to love it-- and to do that you must first sell it your soul... The reason I was there was to cover two conferences: first the Heartland Institute’s Climate Conference ... by day, I interviewed gold bugs, Ayn Rand junkies, Mises groupies and celebrities like Steve Forbes and P.J. O’Rourke. At night, I got totally wasted and had adventures.

My favourite was a trip to the Strip, the low-rent end of Vegas, where the clientele is poorer and trashier and the whores skankier... The tackier the better, really, because the more depraved and messed up everyone else looks, the less discomfited you are by your own growing squalor ...

Stage a conference of libertarians, pot-legalisers , gun nuts  and gold bugs  in  a  city of  booze,  whores,  gambling  and  semi-automatics: What could possibly go wrong?"

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


While Watts and Monckton talked of a dark Green conspiracy to rob them of millions of web hits,  the viewer statistics at the Heartland Institute Conference where they voiced their accusations were telling a very different story.
Given the Heartland confab's modest attendance, counting the audience of its  presentations  leads to a  disconcerting  conclusion: the few dozen souls listening live in  Las Vegas often  outnumbered the events's global webcast audience -- a species of disappointment all too familiar to the organizers of Al Gore's Reality Project telethon.

Though many enlisting in the Climate Wars have met the enemy only to discover that they is us, it's always  disconcerting to find out that we has us outnumbered.


Lord High Stemwinder: 
Viscount Monckton
Complaining of poor video ratings, Tarsandinista heart throb Christopher Monckton has accused Warmists of paying to squelch Coolista web hit scores:
"How much?...At the very minimum a quarter of a million dollars…The forces of darkness are paying to shut us up."
As Monckers gets $10,000 a speech, a decent respect for cost-effectiveness at the margin demands we ask the constellation of carnival barkers, con men,  K-Street hacks, shark cartilage toutsand drugstore cowboys running this Godforsaken rodeo:
For a quarter of a million in long green, which of you lot would not pull a 180 degree rhetorical turn and swear to turn vegan and buy a Prius?

Better make that $200,000: 
A lot of self styled think-tanks have 'Senior Fellows' but few can boast of having a Senior Felon as 'Science Director.'
Heartland's Jay Lehr Ph.D has already done Federal prison time for bilking America's taxpayers of a cool two hundred grand with bogus EPA billings.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Of  what  possible  relevance  might this  powerpoint  from  Watts' 
'Combating climate myths with science facts' 
Heartland Conference presentation be to the average WUWT screed ?  

These criteria clearly do not apply to Lord Monckton, who elsewhere at the conference was telling potential energy investors without reference or attribution that:
"The deposits of gas under Blackpool ... it's apparently the second largest in the world."


Having run out of Dadaists in chicken suits and Baroque painters of the Coolist School Heartland's latest Salon des Refusés  features the edgy  performance art of pataphysicist turned surrealist Bob Carter:
This has led to speculation that NIPCC impressario S. Fred Singer (Top right
will attribute the next report's introduction to Thomas Kinkade,
 and draw on fellow Surrealists in framing its conclusions. 

Monday, July 7, 2014


It took the MC of the International Conference on Climate Change, Chicago carnival barker &  think-tank proprietor Joe Bast just minutes to segue from:
“ Now that we’ve won the climate debate…” to
“ There’s a leftist conspiracy to silence me.”
and introduce Joe Bastardi, a blowhard on steroids who declared:

 “Elvis Alive has More Validity than many AGW ideas” 

before announcing:
“I am the only wrestler ever to earn a meteorology degree.”

And it being Vegas,  offering some Trifecta tips:
Lacking white tigers to sicc on Bastardi, Bast unleashed Congressman Dana Rohrbacher on the audience as a warm-up for two Vegas Strip firsts: fully clothed Viennese Climate Rapper Kilez More performing in German (2:02 in, and a hard act to follow), and stand-up comic Willie Soon's uncanny impersonation of North Korea's Dear Leader: