Sunday, September 8, 2013


Joe O'Reilly of Fox TV is trying to balance the No Spin Zone view of an Earth created 6,017 years ago with a TV weatherman who thinks the solar system is six billion years older than the sun: 

Joe Nye :
Do you agree that the planet Venus is warm because it has a lot of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere ...?
Joe Bastardi :
" I don't believe we have the proper measurements of Venus from over ten billion years ago so I can't tell  the relationship with the Earth.
When you blast SO2 into  the atmosphere over the top of the Arctic  what happens is it absorbs sunlight   warms the stratosphere which depressses the troposphere underneath and cools the troposphere.
What you have to believe folks is this ;  that the sun plus the oceans plus volcanic activity plus natural reversal has less effect than the yearly human contribution equal to the width of a hair on a one kilometer bridge of a trace gas needed for life."
Inspection of  Bastardi's website:

suggests his views may be more steroid than science based.