Monday, February 18, 2013


Federal prosecutors have rejected The Heartland Institute's demands for action against Peter Gleick, who phished up evidence of  Anthony Watts demanding a  hundred grand for a campaign to  disinform gradeschoolers about basic climate science.

Though the law found nothing criminal in  Gleick's  fishing expedition, it remains a crime story:  as his chief accuser, Heartland Institute 'Science Director' Jay Lehr , has been exposed as  a convicted felon who served a Federal prison sentence for, wait for it:

defrauding the EPA of over  $100,000 !

As the American Water Research Association  noted at the time :

While the law has no quarrel with Gleick Heartland President Joe Bast talks about him as though he were Heartland Science Director Lehr:

" One of the biggest frauds committed by a scientist in the past year generated nary a peep of criticism from the scientific community. The criminal, who admitted to committing crimes that are punishable by years of imprisonment, continues to write and speak... His career hasn’t been adversely affected at all."

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Northern Exposure

Tar sand mining in Alberta is generating brimstone piles of Biblical proportions, but the  booming bitumen business has yet to realize sulfur's architectural potential -- there's enough of the stuff laying around to bulldoze it on top of the existing brimstone mastabas to create a full-scale replica of the Great Pyramid!

Why should Pitch Patch Pharaohs patronize the Calgary Stampede when the first to found a pyramid building dynasty can put his cartouche on the 
Seagrams Seven Crown? 

              Real piles and imagined pyramids of sulfur near Fort McMurray Alberta