Saturday, May 31, 2014


Forget Some Like It Hot
From PC climate porn to B-film trailers 
that read like Heartland Institute billboards,
K-Street is working both sides of Hollywood Boulevard

Why can't the Kochs just cut a check to Post-Marxist Productions to option my original script for
  The Day After Tomorrow Night At The Opera 
When a volcanic solar eclipse shoots an arctic blast into the ocean, sea level rises 5000 feet, and sharks run wild in the streets of Pamplona as temperatures fall to minus 400, triggering a surge of tectonic fog that turns Paris into springtime for Hitler.
               Starring: John Rhys Davies and Jane Fonda
               Director: Martin Brest

Monday, May 5, 2014


The New Yorker casts a cold eye on palaeojournalists behaving badly

Last week, Craig Rucker, a climate-change skeptic and the executive director of a nonprofit organization called the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), tweeted a quotation supposedly taken from a 1922 edition of the Washington Post: “Within a few years it is predicted due to ice melt the sea will rise & make most coastal cities uninhabitable.” The intent, of course, was to poke fun at current headlines about climate change.
... Rucker himself is part of a network of bloggers, op-ed writers, and policy-shop executives who argue that climate change is either a hoax or an example of left-wing hysteria. Surfacing old newspaper clips is one of their favorite games....     

But why did Rucker bother to flack the Post piece,when this1932 New York Times lede reads like a disaster movie trailer:
‘Fish will swim in Buckingham Palace...palms and alligators would flourish at the poles... races of men... wiped out because the climate changed... inedible vermin took the place of the animals that were hunted'

Wherever the Times got the architecturally dubious idea of  deep sixing Buckingham Palace, the meme has proved durable: