Wednesday, December 14, 2016


The New York Times reports Wonder Woman  has  been terminated  as  a  Climate Ambassador,   after  being denounced as inappropriate to represent female empowerment  at The United Nations:

“A  large-breasted white  woman  of   impossible  proportions, scantily clad  in a  shimmery,  thigh-baring body  suit  with  an  American flag  motif  and knee-high boots
  reported the Times, would set back  UN diplomacy on :

"the importance of the issue of gender equality and the   empowerment   of   women  and   girls   to  the previous appointment of fictional characters... such as Tinkerbell,  Ambassador of  Green & Winnie the Pooh,  Ambassador  of  Friendship'
Ambassador  Wonder Woman's   termination leaves  protocol experts puzzled, as Secretary General Ban Ki Moon appointed another large-breasted fictional character of  impossible  proportions,  scantily clad in a shimmery,  thigh-baring  body suit earlier this year: