Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Has Mike Adams, Health Ranger, applied for a Cabinet post yet?

Just look at  his  credentials:

     hit piece on Natural News backfires: 

Health Ranger confirmed as world’s most powerful foe of corporate science fraud

Two  years  ago,  I  exposed  writer  Jon Entine  as  a  violent psychopath who physically attacked his wife  and  committed widespread journalistic fraud  to push Monsanto propaganda... and Jon Entine share a common philosophy of deep deception. Both are malicious journo-terrorists, and both take money from powerful corporate interests (like the biotech industry) to smear, slander and defame critics who threaten the profits of their corporate sponsors...

Forbes was purchased by the communist Chinese

Forbes is a failing propaganda mouthpiece for globalist corporations like Monsanto and various drug and pesticide companies...It found a buyer...Hong Kong  Integrated Asset Management, founded by Tak Cheung Yam...This means  is majority owned by the communist Chinese.

No wonder the publication hates American patriots (and truth in general). Now, it functions more like a Red China propaganda rag than anything resembling a legitimate news organization.

While much of the left-wing media in America is currently accusing independent media of being run by the Russians, the deeper truth is that is run by the communist Chinese,

and one of its propaganda goals has been to target and attack U.S. patriots who support the Constitution,  the  Bill of Rights  and  scientific truth...  so  that  vaccine companies  can  keep receiving  billions of dollars  in government money to roll out more completely unnecessary vaccines  based on a quack medical hoax... targeting  me  personally... employing actual sociopaths to pen its propaganda articles while being run by the communist Chinese. These propaganda efforts are not incidental, they are deliberate.

As  far as  actual  science  goes, Natural News  was the  first  science  journalism  site  in the world  to  warn  Americans  about  the  dangers  of  combining  DEET-based  insect  repellants with  non-organic  food  sprayed  with  carbamate pesticides... which  interferes with  cognitive function  and  can  promote  symptoms  resembling  Alzheimer’s  and dementia...  even the Washington Post admitted, that the Zika virus links to microcephaly were a quack science hoax.