Wednesday, December 28, 2016

                   IF  YOU CAN'T  BEAT  THEM,  JAIL THEM !

Faux fact and fox hunter James Delingpole has  adduced  some exceedingly  odd  statistics and legal  theories since last falling 
off his horse.

Breitbart's  hack  in  a  hacking jacket now offers Fox news fans:

Trump Versus The Green Blob: 
The Biggest Science Scam
 in History
“I’ve waited 40 years for this moment.” In a congressional meeting room, somewhere on Capitol Hill, one of the world’s  leading sceptical climate scientists,  Dr. Tim Ball,  is toasting  the advent of  the Trump administration... talking about the war on the Green Blob... You can hear more about Ball’s struggle for truth on my latest Delingpole podcast—
The galloping Trollope impersonator says funding  climate research costs 'one point five trillion dollars a year'.  Flattering  as this four order of magnitude exaggeration may  be -- it  would  give  every  climate scientist on  Earth a cool million  dollars a day, it  suggests he ought to wear a harder hat when riding for a fall. Far  from being a  climate scientist, Doctor Tim Ball is a former geography professor whose Exxon and American Petroleum Institute funded research focuses on colonial weather reports and the migration of polar bears and Canada geese.

Another speaker  Malcolm  Roberts, the Senator from Australia's Coal Coast, tells us that besides Oil Patch Senator James Inhofe, the CEI/ Cooler Heads Coalition event featured Tony Heller,  Fred Singer,  Ken Haapala, Craig Rucker,   Steve Milloy, Marc Morano,  Chris Horner, Myron Ebell,  James Taylor,  Pat Michaels  and Marlo Lewis- the same company  Delingpole kept  at last year's gala  COP-21  Climate Hustler  film premiere :

Delingpole cheerfully continues:
" will be the beginning of the end for the Green Blob—that sinister cabal of corrupt politicians, UN- and EU-technocrats, bent scientists, shrill activists, rent-seeking corporatists, blood-sucking lawyers and gullible journalists which has held the world to ransom these last four decades...
by describing it I hope what I’ve succeeded in doing is giving you an indication of the extraordinary tentacular reach of the Green Blob... 
“Oh come on!” these people have always said when you try to call them on it. “What kind of deranged conspiracy theorist would you have to be to suggest that all these different groups with different interests would be working together to lie about global warming?” 
You really don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to believe this stuff, though. All you need is to be cognisant of the facts. These people are crooks. A lot of them should be in prison. 
In fact, funnily enough, that was the joke that got Tim Ball in trouble with Michael Mann. “He shouldn’t be in Penn State. He should be in the state pen,” Ball quipped. 
Not just Michael Mann. They all should.