Sunday, January 1, 2017


Nary a new year rings in at Judith Curry's Climate etc wiout tha same auld same auld  Brosing Athols spiking a  Cup O'Kindness with Listerine instead of Laphroig:

Have a good Hogmanay folks. 
And come 2017, lang may yer lum reek! 
([Long may your chimney smoke] a traditional Scottish reference to having the wealth and good fortune to keep the fire in your house burning [coal] and benefit from its many qualities). 
Ironic really.
Curious George  
Scotch whisky tastes after a peat smoke. I hope that your quote refers to a peat smoke. Have a good Hogmanay! 
No George, it refers to coal.  
A traditional Hogmanay staple to ‘First Foot’ with (be the first visitor to someone’s house in the New Year) which also includes something to eat (typically shortbread, region dependent) and something to drink (traditionally Whisky almost everywhere). They represent Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need’s and predate him by many years. 
Proof positive that our elders knew more without computer predictions, than we do with. 
We are not entering a climate crisis, we are emerging from one.  
ristvan Laphroig. 
I would greatly appreciate a list of the most significant climate research results of 2016 or an idea where to look. A brief search turned up mostly propaganda. 
Try searching for credible, evidence that atmospheric studies prove CO2 causes global temperature change. Not laboratory studies, in field studies. 
There are none. Forty years, millions of man hours and billions of £/$’s spent, and not one meaningful, peer reviewed paper.
Is anything more needed?
Och, HotScot  needs a mickle pair of spectacles if he canna read

 The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science
, Series 4, Vol. 22, pp. 169-194, 273-285    
-- The Bakerian Lecture Frae the year of our Laird  1861 --

 Sir John Tyndall:

 On the Absorption and Radiation of Heat by Gases and Vapours, and on the Physical Connexion of Radiation, Absorption and Conduction.