Thursday, July 31, 2014


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 Anthropogenic Climate Change Sceptics (Militant Wing)
Another Climate Wars Own Goal from the land of coal has arrived from a Politically Correct Office Services manager bent on doing for Clive Hamilton what Fred Singer has done for Chris Mooney.

Though ominously fond of Comic Sans, this scientifically tone-deaf and stylistically challenged Dogberry seems relectant to link to the object of his dudgeon, The Deaf/Death Of Global Warming:

Re :Commentary involving Dr Russel Sietz, Harvard Uni
From: Geoff Derrick 
Chelmer Office Services
Shop 5, 10 Central Avenue, Graceville  Q  4075 [] 

Suggested additional material for the Resume ofDr Russel Seitz, Department of Physics, University of Harvard. 
Dear Sir or madam I am a consultant geologist. These comments are not directed at most of you as a personal message, but more to inform you of the type of person that inhabits your own workplace, is closely linked to the University and who works in the Department of Physics. By his recent actions this person, Dr Russell Seitz, is both besmirching the reputation of your University, and at the same time showing himself to be a person of considerable nastiness and with absolutely no moral character whatsoever. 
The good doctor hosts a blog labelled “VVatts up with That”, which is described as being a spoof of the best web science blog on the internet run by Anthony Watts, “Watts up with That.” The latter blog is a highly popular and hugely respected website focussing on climate scepticism, and is strongly science-based, as evidenced by an impressive array of awards, as shown here.
Anthony is a person of the highest integrity who has overcome extreme hearing disability to be an active and highly respected participant in the world of meteorology, science broadcasting and climate matters.
Seitz has chosen to attack Anthony’s hearing disability, and to personally abuse him. In Anthony Watts’ words, (link:“It’s one thing to say things about me because I holdcontrary ideas about global warming, that’s fair game. But I have to say that combining that criticism of my views onglobal warming with taunts over my hearing problem, is just so over-the-top and beyond decency”.He describes me as a “serial hearing aid abuser”.I simply have no words that can convey how repulsive this is to me. 
I’m sure anyone who knows how people suffer from the issues of hearing loss, bothemotionally and socially, can relate. The only explanation I can think of for this sort of behavior is that Dr. Seitz must be unable to grapple with his own moral demons, because no rational person, and certainly no professional academic, would publicly taunt a person for a handicap that they suffer withdaily. I feel sorry for him.” As a measure of Anthony’s basic integrity, he has elected to accept no comments on the posting noted above from WUWT, thus saving Dr Seitz from a flood of likely abusive and outraged commentary from the WUWT readership in response to Seitz’s own brand of personal denigration of Watts.
I am not so sensitive on this issue. The good Dr Seitz has behaved very badly on this occasion, and in my mind has irredeemably sullied the reputation not only of himself butalso your institution. As co-workers at Harvard, you should not be proud of having this man operating from within your hallowed walls. As we say here, he is just a ‘piece of work’.            Sincerely  
 Dr G M Derrick 31 July 2014

As I told the author of a more succinct and civil note, the charge of 'serial hearing aid abuse' pertains less to to Mr. Watt's refusal to hear what he dislikes than his policy of silencing critics entirely.