Thursday, February 12, 2015


Who could possibly dislike an Old Salopian contemporary of Michael Palin witty enough to help found Private Eye in 1961 and remain a permanent feature of the magazine's joke-writing team?

Besides writing Spectator media columns, Sunday Telegraph jazz criticism, political satire for That Was The Week That Was , and seconding the Prince of Wales' fight against Labour's brutalist urban architecture with the 1979 BBC program, City of Towers , this paragon of Pythondom authored The Neophiliacs, an insightful analysis of the role of fantasy in British political life.

His own included: Booker is a scientific illiterate on a par with Bishop Wilburforce. In 2005
this peerless intellectualoid overshot the Antimodernist mark by telling  Telegraph readers that Creationism was OK, and Darwinists 
"rest their case on nothing more than blind faith and unexamined a priori assumptions." 
In 2010 Booker turned his powers of investigation on the chair of the IPCC, whom he accused of corruption, but a British libel judge disagreed, and in 2010, The Daily Telegraph issued an apology and paid about a quarter of a million dollars in legal fees.

Yet the content-challenged Booker continues to write like an angel, and his next satirical project seems made in heaven. What could provide more ample scope for a sequel to The Neophilliacs than the rich fantasy life of his current patron, the Global Warming Policy Foundation?

It's not too late for some Green Lord Copper to gazump the Barclay Brothers & the GWPF by kickstarting Booker's overdue masterpiece!