Tuesday, February 24, 2015


     Bob Carter     February 2015:
"Willie Soon .... forms  part  of  a  quartet with Fred Singer, Richard Lindzen and Roy Spencer – as an equal member of the four U.S. climate scientists who are most respected by their international peers"

Carter's claim eclipses in absurdity even Monckton's delusional view of himself as Prime Minister Thatcher's military and  economics adviser.  Here , to Contrast and compare is  
 Russell Seitz       March 2008 :       
"Among the few skeptics on climate change who count as real players in the underlying scientific game is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a prolific and respected author of peer-reviewed papers on the atmospheric sciences, MIT’s Richard Lindzen... stands out like a gilded lightning rod atop a pyramid whose scientific facade is propped up by a rubbly Flintstone fill of politically appointed TV weathermen, geologists, and mining engineers self-righteously defending the turf (and production prospects) of coal and tar sand miners....  he has alienated many...by committing the unpardonable political sin of allowing scientific facts to change his mind."