Monday, November 4, 2013


Is "Ultimate Masonry Southern Yin-Yang Fetus in Fetu-Magneto Agglutination" the real cause of global warming, or is it merely "the Cunning Work Satan never knew?" Best ask WUWT?'s official teller of tales of the South Pacific, ex-Solomon Islands construction foreman Willis Eschenbach.

Willis long ago disproved the existence of global warming and thermodynamics to the satisfaction of himself and his fans, but WUWT's award-winning blend of tiki bar and cargo cult science now faces competition from the indigenous scientific wisdom of Polynesia.

The word from the Kingdom of Tonga is that seven brand new forces of  climate forcing have just fallen like breadfruit from heaven into a single NIPCC-worthy paper:

In an opus magnopere that puts Singer, Soon & Spencer to shame, Junior Astrophysicist Votua Levu blends Mormon archaeology and the Koran in an exegesis Sky Dragon, Iron Sun and Principia Institute fans can only envy--
Why wait for the revelations of these polynesian polymaths to trickle down to Fox, Rush, and the Murdoch papers when you can read them here first? 

Mr. Levu, who is the protege' of parochial school Maitre "Everything Noble is always Golden with Crystal Mind" Aurthur, appears to be a kindred spirit of Viscount Monckton, as both are mad keen on cricket and claim to have cured AIDS :
Cure for HIV-Aids, Cancer, Life Style Diseases Revelation 5:6 Wisdom of Solomon 7:17 2 Chronicles 9:3, 9:15-22, Mark 9:45-50
Might they be related ? 

At the very least, Mr. Levu's views on "lslamic  studies of Kapa lsland [Kaaba] Paradise Nuclear Radiation and Galactic  Neutron Flux Radiation & Nuapapu Radiation Bio-security." merit a panel discussion by the Dominionist divines gracing the next Heartland Conference: