Saturday, November 2, 2013


Semantic agression has had a good long run on both sides of K Street, but its latest feculent leaving has  been picked up by noted Cisco California semiotician and belle-lettrist Anthony Watts. 

Forget who nailed the adjective ' Catastrophic to AGW after Global Cooling failed to sell. Here's Watt's protege Andy West's latest  advertisement for himself and his new pet, The CAGW Memeplex:

"From memetic chain letters that stretch back to the hieroglyphs (Letters from Heaven), to the analysis of social cross-coalitions via game theory within the perspective of economics. From the concept of ‘the Social Mind’ courtesy of neuro-scientist Michael Gazzaniga, to pressure upon religions by aggressive atheism as promoted by Richard Dawkins. From modification of theistic memes in the Old to the New Testament, to notions of Gaia and telegraph wires and wing-nuts. Plus memetic sex, witchcraft, cults, Cathars, concepts of salvation, Communism, hi-jacking altruism, Lynsenkoism, lichen, psychologizers, National Socialism, de-darwinisation, that ugly term ‘denier’, and much more."