Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Go Fisk

Borrowing his theme from Matt Ridley, Anthony Watts recently presented his views to a Houston conclave in this summary slide:

The Ten Tests to Determine Whether You

Should Be Concerned about Global Warming 
1. The temperature Trend So Far - NOT ALARMING
2. Amplifications and Feedbacks - NOT EVIDENT
3. The Role of Aerosols - ISN'T SIGNIFICANT
4. Arctic Sea Ice Decline - ISN'T GLOBAL. MAY BE SOOT
5. Failure of the Models to Predict "the pause" - CONFIRMED
6. Climate Sensitivity - IS LIKELY LOW
7. Adaptation to Changing Climate - IS POSSIBLE
8. Climate and Future Generations - MAY NOT NEED OUR HELP
9. Reducing Emissions _
10. The Integrity of the Surface Record 
-CREATES ALMOST A DOUBLING OF TEMPERATURE TREND                                                     [sic]


While Watt's powerpointery provides meat enough for a miniseries, I have been content to propose it as the subject of a six minute video, four of its points being too tendentious or self-contradictory to merit even six seconds infamy on Vine.

Needless to say, none of Watt's fellow speakers, including Fred Singer and Willie Soon, objected to a word of this decalogue of National Enquirer headlines.

Readers will be kept informed of this production's progress.