Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Watching Watts & Co. precess from the sub-Newtonian to the post-Velikovskian is more fun than a Perseid meteor shower:

About the only significant even in the last month is that the solar polar fields have begun their reversal, indicating we are at “solar max”, which seems like a misnomer given the low activity observed at the moment. That’s why I think we may have seen the “double peak” and it is downhill from here.
( It's hard to see what he's talking about, as the solar polar field is only a few hundred microtesla--  the last two flips didn't register on the temperature record )

vukcevic says:
Most of readers here are expecting for the low solar activity to cause (or coincide) with global cooling. My expectations are that low solar activity would coincide (but caused is a very different proposition) with reduction in the Arctic and sub Arctic tectonic activity.
As a consequence of the les active sun or the far North Atlantic/Arctic regions, the N. Hemisphere’s climate may cool. Either way scientist (and not only climate ones) will have a new fertile field of research.

This flip is nothing like a normal flip and I would not be surprised (as the prolonged solar minimum continues due to angular momentum exerted by the planets on the sun, which Leif also says is not correct) that this may be the last flip , or at the very least the future flips are going to be even less pronounced then even this one.

While some fear WUWT's censorship limits its scientific scope, its censors have views of their own on such vital topics as the ether :

tallbloke says:

This paper confirms the experimental work of Dayton Miller,... subjected to a rather inept hatchet job by his former assistant Robert Shankland...Shankland was rewarded for this infamy with a string of audiences with Einstein, and a well paid job as a pen pusher in the nuclear industry.
Miller’s work, which ran from 1906 through the mid-1930s, most strongly supports the idea of an ether-drift, Miller's Interferometer at Mount Wilson
Miller's Interferometer at Mount Wilson. - Case W. R. U. Archive
This does not bode well for Big Bang or General Relativity. Einstein himself knew that if Miller’s experiments were successful, the jig was up:
Some held it was a highly tensile, springy medium which transmitted the ‘action at a distance’ forces like gravity across space, and and at the same time was so tenuous that the Earth would pass straight through it. Others though it more as gaseous fluid, which would be swirling around planets as they passed through it. The now vindicated Miller results seem to confirm the latter view, which would indicate the ether is composed of particles of some sort, which are blocked by shielding around interferometers and everything else.
Of course, permissivity values used in practical design work here on Earth take into account the gases of the terrestrial atmosphere.

And deep in the heart of Texas, appearing as  Watts'  Doctors for Disaster Preparedness:warm-up act, the inimitable Willie Soon  used this graph to Power Point the way to the consilience of implausible astrophysics and improbable geophysics in exorcising sea level rise.

Willie says not to fret about an ice cap meltdown, because in the very long run subduction may take care of it: