Sunday, December 1, 2013


The latest surrealist to grace Willard Watts'
salon des refusees is one 
Christopher Bowring, whom WUWT oddly fails to identify as former mayor of wannabe tar sand export port, S. Portland, ME.

Not content with seeing WUWT invoke the authority of Richard Feynman, Maine PR artiste and pipeline speculator Bowring imagines himself reading the riot act to the doyen of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warmists, Sir Isaac Newton.

As Sir Isaac is not available for comment, here's Stoat's Dada take on Bowring's ga-ga manifesto:

A a a a a a a a a agitated alarmists am an an And and and any apart apple apple argue ask at back bodies Bowring but But by call Cambridge can can century change Christopher climate climate climatology dare dare day denier discovery distance does drop each England enquire It experience expert explodes field force from global global global global Grantham Gravitation greatest greet have have he He head him How I I I I I I I I I in in in in in in invalidates inversely is is is is is is is is Isaac Isaac Isaac’s it it It It Law law lay Let Lincolnshire living looking looks Lucasian made man masses Mathematics me mind models my my Newton Newton no nobody nonentity nonsense Nonsense Nonsense "
This ululation was soon upstaged by a WUWT commenter's epiphany on how normative climatology differs from Watt's cargo cult:

"The reason the AGW people are so hard to argue with 

is that what they believe ISN’T a mistake."