Friday, January 3, 2014


Reluctance to swallow such headlines as these :

Kim Jong Un Reportedly Feeds Uncle to Starving Dogs                                 
Kim Jong Un's executed uncle was 

eaten alive by 120 hungry dogs

suggest the media remain in denial about the culinary achievements of the previous North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il, who in 2007 fed the Easter Bunny to his birthday party guests. 

As Adamant reported at the time:
Giantrabbit_small_2Robert der Grosse, the largest rabbit in recorded Prussian history, is missing and believed dead in North Korea.
The 23 1/2 pound uberbunny was sent to Pyongyang last year along with 11 others by Karl Szmolinsky of Eberswalde, "with the aim of setting up a breeding program to alleviate famine, " They instead ended up on the menu at Dear Leader Kim Jong-il's February 16 2007 birthday banquet.
Der Spiegel says the Brandenburg  Meisterkaninchenz├╝chter was due to travel to North Korea to set up the farm, but received a  last minute call from a DPRK official canceling the trip.
"North Korea won't be getting any more rabbits from me, they don't even need to bother asking " Szmolinsky said. rejecting the denial of the alleged lepicide issued by the Berlin embassy of the diminutive Hermit Kingdom Hasenpfepper fiend.
Herr Smolinsky's German Giant Greys can produce upwards of seven kilograms of meat, and keen to alleviate hunger in the impoverished country, he gave the North Koreans a 150 Euro per rabbit discount off the usual €200 to 250 price, telling Spiegel Online,  "I've sent them 12 rabbits so far, they're in a petting zoo for now."
Absent the orgy of lagomorphagy, the 12 could have produced 60 bunnies a year if fed properly.  " I feed them everything-- grain, carrots, a lot of cabbages. At the moment they're getting kale," said Szmolinsky of his 50 surviving charges.  Asked if he has any pets he could never part with, he replied: " You can't hang on to them... They cost a lot to feed."