Saturday, February 1, 2014


Lest you imagine Roy Spencer the only fellow to keep the Book of Genesis atop the copy of the Journal of Geophysical Research on his bedside table, another truly true believer has dropped in on Rabbett Run   to dispatch the problems posed to climate deniers of all mental ages by warm eons past.

Full of squirrily vim, 'I speak so I am said' has this to say to heathens pointing to one un-ignorably torrid greenhouse palaeoclime:
"The Eocene epoch--or its dating, at least--is  
not a part of my faith. I realize that it is part of 
 the faith system of most scientists today. But 
they were not around to observe it, and they 
adhere to the presupposition of uniformitarianism."

Which recalls  The Book Of Genesis , Chapter minus 17, verse four :
And the Lord looked out upon his creation 
and saw it left a Lot to be Desired, 
Yea, even like unto the Pillar of Salt to
be introduced many chapters hence, for the 
Lord was right wroth with the giant sloth.

Neither was He amused by the cumbersome 
Co-ry-pho-don, the unattractive Ui-n-ta-ther-i-um 
the asinine Ar-sin-oi-ther-i-um, the miserable 
Mes'onyx, the unhyphenated Hyaenodon or the 
Sar-kast-o-don, for its teeth curled, and it was snarky.

And lo, when the oafish Moropus
defiled his latest opus the Lord said 
 unto Himself  "No more of this!" and 
therewith erased He the Eocene eon 
from the Book of Numbers, where it 
cannot be found to this day.

Here endeth the lesson . 

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