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 Be quotation marks around decadal temperature averages the new boldfaceArrh, Cap'n Koonin's WSJ op-ed be old and  lame as  the smoked rats in  the lobscouse o'a grog shop what hangs out burgees sayin "Fine Food" Don’t expect such usage to overhaul Bristol fashion English ... more» 
 The Brethren of the Somali Coast are askin how yer Arab left can openly embrace  Muslims listing far to starboard? , says  Hussein Ibish, (By the Black Spot, that be a Barbary Boatswain sure) such matey gestures ne'er be returned but by a poxy kiss o'Davey Jones camel ... more»
Published in 1925
Booty cant buy happiness. Yet there be a strong correlation between the  clime o' a country 'n its general level o' happiness, accordin to Surgeon Singer, the Senior Sawbones O' the fleet. (Gangway!) But as  Aristotle (Bloody Levanter ! ) knew hotter is better...more»

Upstream of Basra al-Qaeda's hard aground so the lascars be moving their jihad to Europe, but turn Turk, OBL's marabouts say, and the caliphate will discount its scurvy port dues dockside !!more»... 

Antarctica be a red state. March o' the Penguins ‘affirms norms O The Code like monogamy sacrifice'n child rearin'” says a critic. But some o' those penguins be gay... (Bilge!)
Thar be genuine intensity in the sufferin' o' Frida Kahlo. Yet thar be somethin' vaguely repulsive in the adulation she receives.   Victimhood, aft all, be not beatitude... (Poxy landlubber!) more»  
Editin' be a bloody trade(Arrgh!) But knives aren’t the exclusive property o' butchers. (Aaarrrrhhh!)   Surgeons use 'em too. (Yo-ho-ho!) Blake Morrison defends editors wi’rusty cutlasses... (Aararrhhahr!

Sink me if  Hilde Kschessinska: prima ballerina assoluta, mistress o' Czar Nicholas II ain't been buried at sea – a poppet o' vast skill, massive energy, 'n implacable willfulness ... (Dead men tell no tales.)

Shiver me  timbers! Till the 18th century, Scots, like other Europeans, saw distilled spirits as medicine or a substitute for central heating.  Then a few Jockoes started t'drink whisky for fun... (Pass the Demerara, mate) 

 The scurvy quacksalver Søren Kierkegaard rebuked the Christianity  o' 'is day: rather than get rid o' the whorehouse, it preferred t' baptize   it... (Arrgh!) more»

Piracy has a long 'n brutal ahoystory
How it has been treated in law makes a useful precedent for terrorism: due process is paramount, so lay aft to see how Singapore deals with Somali sea dogs: 
If  they wears
The Red Sea rig
 Make them dance 
The hempen jig!

Belay yer New Orleans frenchies blubbering of hurricanoes! That City o' floods, graceful Venice has survived such calamities as fires, plagues 'n keelhauling of its poxy gondoliers: Nay U.S city has ever had t' endure the like...
Democracy? (The chase is  making full sail, matey!) Good governance can include many components besides   democratic     participation, says Francis Fukuyama. (Bloody landlubber!) 
God looks after drunken bilge rats, children, and Old Ironsides, but on what strange tide did He shanghai Palm Beach voters into orderin' a neocon agenda aloft into the riggin ? more»  
“ Sink me, n'I have felt it meself,” Freeman Dyson said
“The glitter o' nuclear weapons.  It be  irresistible if ye come t' 'em as a scientist: an illusion o' illimitable   power.” Arrrh, Tis time for another broadside-- hail the powder monkey  to fetch 10 more kilotons from the magazine ..more»  
 Letters of  Marque         
If the Bering Strait warms much further, will Mifstefs Palin put down her polar bear harpoon & run for  Governor of ye Spanish Main? 
Or will the cold water Corsairtrix play Joan Bonney, & plead her belly to get pro-life palaeo-pyrate backing for her  run for EPA Administrator ? 

As the begala of Obama Reis set sail from Martha's Vineyard to return the great Mughal's entourage to winter quarters, the quarterdeck (Where the smoking lamp be always lit) were abuzz with scuttlebutt of interns behaving badly in ye grog shops of Chappaquiddick 

Prince-Towne on Delaware is where Richard Rorty  did avast himself a “syncretist hack.” the scurvy scrivner     caulked a  philosophical mosaic  fair and bye, but now ye Heartland Institute hath got his weather gage..more»

Smart as paint be Cap'n Trivers. He loves the logic o' evolution. Tis bilge to tell that dead men tell no tales when Philosopher's Mate Darwin o'ye barque Beagle dead reckoned a geometry o' time yar as the geometry o' space that lubber Newton or that Leghorno Bos'n     Galileo ..Aaaarrh! more>> 

Should local folk rebuild N'Orleans as she was? By Cap’n Lafitte’s bones, it be not a bad idea, says Carlin Romano. (Aaarrhhh, a streetcar named Desiree' has run down me parrot !) 
Academic anthropology be in   crisis, says Dan Sperber, who be not alarmed. (Yarrr, into the futtock   shrouds ) “It deserves t' be in crisis. (Weigh anchor!) It deserves t'   explode, let it do so”... (Bloody privateers!) more»   

The FDA sawbones hath banned absinthe as it be "adulterated” with wormwood. (Arr!)  Still, customs agents will typically ignore a  bottle or two in yer duffel... (Yarrr, more grog, wench!) What next ? Smoke-free opium dens in Limehouse?

However baggywrinkle 'is private life,  Arthur Koestler left astern an absorbin' body o' work  for anyone who enjoys the battle o' ideas...

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 A warmin' earth? The Fig of  Spain to yer squally monsoon n' mega-drought scuttlebutt, says Lord Admiral Monckton: if   'tis too mild in Madagascar, man the capstan and follow the polar bears through the Northwest Passage to plunder the China Trade ! more>

Says a helmsman who reads the real thing at risk of keelhauling by Captain Koch ...

Beware and take care 
O' the  Bight of Benin
For one what comes out
Thar's  twenty  goes  in      
(Weigh anchor!)  

If we ever  find out that a basic tenet o' Buddhism be shown false by science, we simply  must give it up. Who said it? The Dalai Lama, the kirtled heartland landlubber. more»  
From Voltaire 'n David Hume   t' Rob Ingersoll 'n Clarence Darrow, atheism used t'be on the march,   religion on the aft foot. (Blimey!) Times change...  more»

Th’doxy was dazzled by Sartre’s brilliance as a philosopher. For Simone de Beauvoir, terms like 'essence' or 'contin'ency' worked like a chest O’gold pistoles'... (Aaarrhhh, )
Sure, it’s naive t' think   that all moral beliefs be universal. (The chase is making full sail, matey!)   But thar may be an innate “moral sense” across cultures... (Damn me   eyes.)