Friday, January 16, 2015


En route to  the movie of her book, the latest vice-presidential court historian to earn a Harvard appointment swoops in full cry upon her lawful prey : 
       A dead white male,  name of Milton Friedman.

A half hour of verbal cutaways follow, leaving the distinct impression that $45,000,000 spent on a decade of tobacco-free biology research at Rockefeller University that led to the 1993 Nobel Prize in medicine, for prions, was spent instead on cigarette industry PR.

Incidentally, the correct citation for  "$45,000,000 dollar man"  meme is  an article in that not very learned  journal Vanity Fair , which got it in turn from  two other fountains of 'Merchants of Doubt ' historiography, 'Ecosyn', the collected online  works of 'Lion Kurtz, Science Cop' and the 'BushHitler' conspiracy website. 

These primary sources have oddly gone missing from the scholarly apparatus of  Prof. Oreskes book. Will they be missing from the screen credits too?