Friday, April 10, 2015


The Heartland Institute has sent a thick but disappointing envelope, containing not unmarked bills, but a begging letter from Joe Bast:
"The past month has seen a horrible orchestrated campaign of attacks on Dr. Willie Soon, a distinguished climate scientist ... In February the Science Bulletin, a publication of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.....published "Why Models Run Hot"... a major hit in the science community.  It was downloaded more than 10,000 times... a very high number for a scientific paper. 
The article exposes a major error in computer climate models that causes them to over-state by a factor of three the role of carbon dioxide in warming the atmosphere... the findings of Soon et al. could significantly affect the scientific debate over global warming... 
Greenpeace saw the threat to its rice bowl and devised a plan to distract attention from the research...It accused Soon of violating Science Bulletin's financial disclosure rules and proceeded to use every dirty trick in the book against him. "

Joe enclosed a reprint of  the screed by Monckton, Soon, Legates & Briggs, whose last line reads:
Conflict of  Interest  The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest
Oddly, ths crisply printed document does not bear the chop of  The Chinese Academy Of Sciences, but the colophon of  Springer China Press:

It is a disparity that unsubtly recalls  the Chinese Academy's  stirring  response to the last claim to fame of NIPCC report Co-Editor Soon:

"The claim of  The Heartland Institute  about  Chinese Academy of Science  endorsement of its report is completely false.  

If  The Heartland Institute  does not withdraw its false news
 or refuse to apologize, all the consequences and  liabilities 
should be borne by the Heartland Institute."

Joe's four page letter concludes :
"Don't pass up opportunities to praise this brave young scientist ... please bring up the following scandals: the resignations in disgrace of ... the nation's" greenest" governor... and the imprisonment of John Beale, architect of EPA's global warming policies..."
It also features the scandalous photo Dr. Soon displayed at the last Heartland Conference, of plagiarist Albert Einstein expropriating the work of  the brave young scientist, who is the real author of the 'IPCC = gangster "science"' quote on the blackboard 

The brave young scientist, who turns 50 next year, should not be confused with Heartland's Science Director Jay Lehr PhD, who got out of jail 25 years ago after being convicted and imprisoned for defrauding the EPA of $ 200,000.

Conflict of Interest: It is hard to write disinterestedly of Bast's minions, as the only Heartland Climate Conference I attended took place at a deplorably smoke-free hotel in New York.