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Growing wine in Greenland

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... I would lay odds on there being a 100% correlation between climate change deniers and intelligent design believers...  If you believe that wine growing in England, and crops in Greenland, and the River Thames freezing over, are all not only true (they aren't of course) but significant climatic events, then you also know that humans lived through those changes.

Step Away From the Heat Beam

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It's strange how, among the segment of climate change deniers who think the planet is warming but think it is all perfectly natural and we should just lay back and enjoy it and think of Greenland, the view that global warming never did anyone any harm is dominant. They welcome, embrace, the idea of an extra 2, 3, 4 degrees, the more the merrier, bring it on. They are relaxed about the change in the way that a man falling from a building with 100 floors reaches number 50 and says "so far so good".
I'm a science fiction/fantasy fan, and it is clear that climate change deniers are not. But let me try this on them. What if a space ship suddenly arrived ... hey, you insignificant little grubs, we want your planet, want to take one of your rare Earth elements. If you don't give up all your stocks of it now we will use this heat beam to begin warming up your planet.
What would our response be? Go for it you nasty little green bugs, do your worst,....Be good to have it warmer.
Or would there be an instant call to battle stations? .... Radio shock jocks would rally their listeners to support the UN, conservative politicians would join hands with progressives in unity governments, ... and solutions would be found, space shuttles launched, shields erected, wavelengths interfered with, heat beams reversed until the aliens were turned into so many fried green tomatoes. 

Mark Steyn
April 22 2015
It’s an elitist thing...— they come up with this phrase about ‘climate deniers’ and all the rest of it. They’re the ones who actually deny science.
 They basically took a jackhammer to a thousand years of sane scientific observation of natural climate variability of the Medieval Warm Period when they were making wine in Greenland,