Monday, May 18, 2015


In recognition of the prolific contributions 
of their alumni to climate blog comments &
Heartland Institute Conferences,
an illustrious constellation
of over four score 

have declared the Wegman & NIPCC Reports 
meet their highest academic standards
and instructed 
The International Applied Climateball Union  
to award Doctoral Degrees to all attending
The Heartland Special Climate Olympics

Al Arab University, 
Al Khaleej University, 
Al Khalifa American U.
Alpine University, 
American Gulf University, 
American Mideast U.
Anchor Point University, 
Arab Continental U.
Arab Women University, 
Ashbery University, 
Ashley University, 
Bakerville University, 
Barkley University, 
Baycity University, 
Bay View University, 
Baytown University, 
Belltown University, 
Branton University, 
Brooklyn Park University, 
Brooksville University, 
Cambell State University, 
Camp Lake University, 
Chapel University, 
Columbiana University, 
Creek View University, 
Crestford University, 
Fort Jones University, 
Galewood University, 
Gibson University, 
Glenford University, 
Grant Town University, 
GreenLake University, 
Grendal University, 
Hadly University, 
Hansford University, 
Harvey University, 
Headway University, 
Hill University,   
Harding University, 
Johnstown University, 
Kennedy University, 
Kingsbridge University, 
Kings Lake University, 
Laurus University, 
Madison Hills University, 
Mayfield University, 
McFord University, 
McGraw University, 
McKinley University, 
Midtown University, 
Mount Lincoln University, 
Nelson Bay University, 
Nicholson University, 
Nixon University, 
Northern Port University, 
Northway University, 
Olford Walters University, 
Panworld University, 
Paramount  University, 
Parkfield University, 
Payne Springs University, 
Pine Hill University, 
Pittsford University, 
Port Jefferson University, 
Queen City University, 
Queens Bay University, 
Ray University, 
Redding University, 
Riverwood University, 
Rochville University, 
Roseville Community U 
Thompson University, 
Wales Bridge University, 
Walford University, 
Westland University, 
Wilburton University, 
Wiley University, 
Wilford University, 
Willington University, 
Windham University, 
Woodbridge University, 
Woodfield University, 

The retromingent perpetrators of  The New York Times story linked above live in mortal fear of a writ for criminal libel from Viscount Monckton' solicitors  for though none of these institutions could be located for comment,:
 “Axact condemns this story as baseless, substandard, maligning, defamatory, and based on false accusations and merely a figment of imagination published without taking the company’s point of view.”
Kudos too, to  Axact League University alums on their outstanding Oregon Petition turnout.