Friday, June 12, 2015

                    SIGNING  THE  OREGON  PETITION

Having introduced  Willie Soon, David Legates  and Pat  Michaels as " Three  of  the  top  climate scientists   on  Fox  news  in  the  world "  Convicted  EPA  fraudster  Heartland Chief Scientist Jay Lehr raised the resume' padding ante by giving Willie a non-existant  Harvard appointment, and  touting him as:
As can be seen, Willie's real claim to fame is putting words into Einstein's chalk as a  critic of global warming:
  " IPCC  =  gangster science "
It seems Willie and his new best friends are out to rewrite climate history yet again, with a paper combining rural Chinese climate stations, Anthony Watts' favorite American cold spots , and 'volunteer'  coauthors  Ronan and Donald  Connoly's data from the gale swept coast downwind of the coldest region of the North Atlantic to undo the idea of global temperatures rising due to AGW. Why?
Because  "there are sixty kinds of sunspots " and this is a Heartland Conference.

Roy Spencer made silly claims at the first one, and to encourage his patrons to pay for more batteries to bang the drums, Lehr revealed an interesting statistic about his employer of twenty years :
'I was the ninth hire  I think we have 42 people connected to Heartland now thanks to many of you who are  donors to our cause.' 
Stay tuned  to Desmogblog for what Willie had to say to their man on the spot before Heartland expelled him in a shocking lapse of P-R firm professional courtesy. 

Instead of embracing climate hypster Montague with the enthusiasm of an undertaker greeting a homeopath,  climate denier Joe Bast made him leave without hearing Jay Lehr's learned discourse on the dangers of Lysenkoism. 

Weirder still was the conference webmeter: how odd so anodyne a panel should out-draw the keynote address of an AGU meeting, but only 19 of 20,106 erstwhile live viewers should wish to follow it?