Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The principle that ' Physicists do not shoot other physicists ' evidently does  not  extend  to  some  Theologically Correct  archaeologists.

Last week ISIS beheaded  Khaled Asaad, Palmyra’s  retired chief of antiquities  for “working with idols” leaving his mangled body dangling from a Roman colonade for terrified residents to view.

The official Syrian Arab News Agency reports the 82-year-old archeologist was killed after refusing to divulge information on “specific archeological treasures” , and cites Syrian antiquities minister, Maamoun Abdulkarim as saying  that the militants crucified Asaad’s body “on colonnades in central Palmyra.”

A  Twitter photograph shows a body hanging on a street lamppost, with a sign  describing his killing as punishment for revering pagan artifacts, and the New York Times reported yesterday that
His blood-soaked body was then suspended with red twine by its wrists from a traffic light, his head resting on the ground between his feet, his glasses still on,  
The author of dozens of scholarly articles on Palmyra, Asaad teamed with archaeologists from  Harvard's Peabody Museum and elsewhere to excavate the six millennium old city’s tombs and temples.

Viewing virtually all pre-Islamic artifacts and symbols as idolatrous, the wannabe Wahabi caliphate's sweeping anti-idolatry campaign has laid waste to architecture and artifacts from Babylonian Mesopotamia to the Gandharic Buddhist monuments of Pakistan and Afghanistan. A glance in Bond Street gallery windows reveals that ISIS decalred distaste for human antiquity has not deterred it from financing its operations by the sale of museum-quality art.

A video released in February purports to show the group’s militants sledgehammering statues in the museum of Mosul, In March, bulldozers  flying its green and black banners leveled the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, and in June, two shrines dating to the first millennium BC were blown to smithereens in Palmyra.

The aspirant  caliphate has none the less spared the age-old  entrepot's answer to Rome's Colosseum. In July ISIS propagandists gathered in the amphitheatre to produce a video of child  soldiers of the regime systematically executing 25 Syrian soldiers in high gladiatorial style.

At this rate , I may never get to Baalbek- last time I got as far as Cyprus before the Alawi, Israelis, Hamas and Druze started shelling each other in earnest.