Saturday, September 26, 2015


Having damned air pollution, Pope Francis' Apostolic Penitentiary may have missed the Next Big Thing in hamartiology.   
Just as Climate Truthers and other denialists strive to believe in six impossible things before breakfast, Green powers of credible denial are often strained by :

Model  Pride-   A  need  for  public  acceptance  of model-based policy advice as the truthiest on offer. Self-important victims may ignore other disciplines while counting their own numbers & framing better media profiles for themselves.  see Stockholm fever
Model  Greed -  The  modelers  need  for  scientific citation , adulation, or material wealth. If unfed, the model-greedy may resort to self-citation, plagiarism, dodgy grantsmanship and denial of having lost past bets on model outcomes.

Model  Lust -   An insatiable desire to  believe your own  hypotheses, and to insist that models should overrule history,  natural and human, and dictate the thoughts and desires of generations to come. Model 
                             Lust feeds on viewing & producing climate porn

Model  Envy-  The need to command larger research budgets  and covet more  supercomputer  time  than rival  models  or  theories ,  if  need  be  by  having competitors  defunded  or  charged  with  crimes.

Model  Sloth - Indifference  to the  contradiction of models by natural history, coupled with aversion to references that contradict desired results, reluctance to debate,  and  the inability to feel relief when dire                                scenarios don't materialize. Victims may insist that 
                           what we don't know doesn't matter.

Model  Gluttony  -    Overindulgence  in  extreme  parameter values in the name of the Precautionary Principle. Metamodeling is Model Gluttony's most fearsome avatar.

Model  Wrath - Defined by Model Dante as : "love of justice  perverted to  revenge and spite."  People with Model Wrath  issues  may  turn  to  the  law or social engineering when they feel democracy or science has failed them. Left unprovoked, Wrathists may turn to political caricature of their enemies & violent public demonstrations

Text & Seven Deady Sins Emoji copyright MMXV Russell Seitz