Sunday, December 20, 2015


       The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 
has somehow failed to address the major dementias encountered in Climate Wars  battlefield medicine. Triage suggests starting with:

DSM Diagnostic Codes for Existential Threat Disorders

 Miscellaneous Causes
    NOS = Not Otherwise Specified. 
    V62.3 Academic Problem 
    V62.4 Acculturation Problem
    404.1 Reading Mother Jones 
    308.3 Acute Thermal Stress Disorder                                                                           (at rates >1 microdegree/hour)
Existenial Threat  Inflation Adjustment  Disorders
    309.9 Unspecified Threat Inflation
    309.2 Acute Innumeracy With Anxiety 
    309.0 With Depressed Mood 
    309.3 With Disturbance of Conduct 
    309.28 With Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Focus Group Mood 
    309.4 With Mixed Disturbance of Emotions and Conduct
V71.01 Adult Antisocial Behavior (blood throwing)
143.21 Messianic Climate Reality Syndrome
995.2  Adverse Effects of Vegan Diet
780.9  Stockholm Fever Related Cognitive Decline 
300.2 Agoraphlia Without History of Panic Disorder

921.3  Hyperthermia by Proxy