Friday, December 25, 2015


The Journal of Applied Ecology warns Peak Frankincense is at hand.  At  current  rates  of  depletion by  Nativity plays, church services, Islamic and Orthodox beard fumigations and heathen winter  solstice  celebrations, existing  Boswellia papyrifera tree reserves cannot long sustain the legendary resin's production.
Mosaic in Ravenna  shows  flight of capital  from Byzantine mining regulations 
Citing  three wise men from Wageningen and Eritrea, who warn intensive tapping of the trees  results in fewer, less viable seeds.  ecologists believe poor regeneration is due to the plants metabolically  diverting  carbohydrate into resin at the expense of their reproductive organs.  This hypothesis was tested in south-western Eritrea by looking at how many seeds intensively tapped trees produced, and their germination rates, compared with untapped trees.
According to study author  Professor Frans Bongers of Wageningen University: 
"This study strongly suggests that there is competition between investment of carbohydrates in sexual reproductive structures and synthesis of frankincense in Boswellia papyrifera. At all study sites, tapped trees produced smaller fruits with seeds of lower weight and reduced vitality than non-tapped trees." 
 "In order to control the decline in fruit and seed production, less intensive tapping procedures should be developed. As our results show that six tapping points per tree are already having a negative impact, we suggest reducing the number of tapping points. New tapping regimes should include rest periods when there is no resin harvesting to allow the trees to recover," 
Officials  at  CFACT,  The  Council for Frankincense Advertising by Coal Touts, said frankincense is one of many infant resinite fossil fuels awating the advent of  Clean Coal technology so they can burn not just efficiently, but deep and crisp and even.
Bond Resources fossil  frankincense geologists returning to  Broken Hill

CFACT has had a supply-side epiphany. The incense crisis can be solved by overthrowing the byzantine regulatory bureaucracy that has plagued the Holy Land since the days of , well, Byzantium.

Making lignite extraction in Arabia Felix easy as anthracite mining in the little town of Bethlehem Pa. could increase production from Carboniferous era beds of the fossil liturgical fuel, to create a positive  feedback loop.

"We're lobbying Pope Francis to burn more frankincense in the liberation liturgy" said a CFACT spokesman, "Sending  more plant-nourishing CO2 heavenward will enrich Earth's atmosphere with the life-giving gas , and accelerate the growth of Boswellia trees to assure a fragrant future until Australia matches Alberta's tar sand tax credits  with camel depreciation allowances for  frankincense  prospectors in the outback, and reseach on on Myrrh fracking bears fruit.