Sunday, January 24, 2016

                                  THE  CLIMATE  OF  THE  GODS

After  a  paean to the President of the
Interpantheonic Panel ON Climate  Change, 
Zeus,  Father of Gods  and  men,
De Bello Climatico hails bright - eyed Athena
for sending the muses to inspire
 hard - striking Hephaestus to build the  first  climate  modeling  computer,
 the Antikythera machine  

Thus  began  the  Olympian  struggle  to
 save  the  Climate of the Gods  from  
   Theogenic  thunderbolt  forcing 
  at  the  end  of  the  Titanocene  Era

The  epic  poem  tells  how  foam -- footed 
star - sparkling  Aphrodite 
struck   far - sighted   Icarus 
systems  programmer  of  the  Gods, 
 with   love   for  gold - tressed Phoebe  
Muse of  solar  radiation management
  and how  with  many epithets  he  threw 
the brazen computing engine into the  sea 
 to placate Poseidon when the Earth - Shaker 
threatened to  inundate  Olympus
if  the  IPCC  mandated  ambrosia rationing.

The epic ends with the
tragic  extinction   of  the  entire  Greek  Pantheon, demigods,  muses  &  nymphs  included, 
and the rise of  New Age ' monotheistic ' religions
 like the bloody-handed cult of  ISIS,
which  explains
 the work's  Aesopian  moral :