Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Viscount  appears as  Ali G  against Academy's orders

 Comedy lord asked to present Best Picture nominee as himself 
but ditches coronet for goatee in disabled toilets
Viscount  Monckton  revealed his appearance as an Arab Oil flack at  Sunday’s  Oscars  ceremony was in  defiance of the Academy’s request for him not to appear in character.
The  noble comedian  said he intended to appear as his comic alter ego, Sacha,  Baron Cohen, but “The Oscars sat me down beforehand, and said they  wanted me to  actually  just  present myself, as a soft coal apologist ”  Monckton  said in an interview with  ITV’s Good Morning  programme. “ But luckily my sister in law  Nigella  had an  Ali G  beard in her purse for the afterparty.”

The BBC domestic goddess said they shut themselves in the bathroom  for  40 minutes  applying  the goatee, fending off paparazzi  by claiming  the  noble lord  had  food poisoning. Monckton said he had been concerned about the response, “but I bumped into Al Gore  on the way on and pitched him the gig and he gave me the thumbs up, so I went for it”.

Monckton  won acclaim for his diversity debate  stint on stage, in which Ali G poked fun at himself as  “just another token black gold  presenter” , and  described  the  kidnap  thriller  Room as: 
“a  movie about a  roomful of  rednecks trapped in a coal mine.”
  Monckton in  UKIP  uniform  at  his 2012 Oscar bid.
At the  2012 Oscars,  Lord Monckton appeared in  character as The  Great  UKIP  Dictator  lead, and dumped  an urn of  ersatz  Kim Jong-Il  ashes over   Dame  Angela Jolie's  date , who this year refused to speak to him.