Wednesday, April 6, 2016

                                    ANNALS  OF  RECYCLING

The Animal Welfare Institute says  Norway's foremost animal feed firm, Rogaland Pelsdyrfôrlaget, sold 113 tonnes of Minke whale meat  to mink farms in 2014, the equivalent of 75 whales.
 Would you prefer they err on some other fur ?

“Whaling  is  inherently  cruel 
and has  no place in a civilized society,” said Susan Millward, executive director of AWI, in a statement.
“Killing  these  sentient  and  magnificent animals to  feed suffering animals on fur farms underscores  why  the  world opposes whaling, and clearly demonstrates that Norwegians have no legitimate need for whale meat.”

Though both are as subject to orca predation as the cutest seal pup, minke whales seldom accost swimming mink, and Marilyn Monroe's fondness for polar bear rugs notwithstanding, no one ever gave her a minke coat.