Monday, May 23, 2016


As the Soviet Union began to unwind, one of its former editorial votaries candidly admitted that over the Cold War's course, he'd found a shrewder account of its failings in National Review than The Nation. 

Their roles seem reversed in the Science Wars ,  where  a pundit combining Mark Steyn's bread and  Rush Limbaugh'sscientific acumen has advanced the amour propre of cultural marxists with  "monument of asininity so wide and tall, even the mind’s eye cannot glimpse its horizon or peak." 

The trouble is that his oxymoronic meisterstuck is entitled : Who Are the Real Deniers of Science ?,  a category in which NR has distinguished itself  on fronts as various as relativity, climate science,  evolution, stem cell biology, and the physics of cosmic rays.  Jonah could have saved a lot of  keystrokes by reading his opposite number's concurrent screed in  The Nation.

 covering the same ground more coherently in recalling how late Cornell sociologist Benedict Anderson “Continued to reflect on the fate of the left:

For a long time, different forms of socialism—anarchist, Leninist, New Leftist, social-democratic—provided a ‘global’ framework in which a progressive, emancipationist nationalism could flourish. Since the fall of ‘communism’ there has been a global vacuum, partially filled by feminism, environmentalism, neo-anarchism and various other ‘isms,’ fighting in different and not always cooperative ways against the barrenness of neoliberalism and hypocritical ‘human rights’ interventionism. But a lot of work, over a long period of time, will be needed to fill the vacuum"