Tuesday, August 16, 2016


In a fifteen order of magnitude burst of semantic aggression,  authors from UCLA, The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, The Russian Academy of Science and Kissinger Associates extend a misunderstanding about communications theory to new frontiers in homeopathic diplomacy & existential threat inflation:

        Dealing With Femtorisks In International Relations 

ABSTRACT   The contemporary global community is increasingly interdependent and confronted with systemic risks posed by the actions and interactions of actors existing beneath the level of formal institutions... We call these challenges “femtorisks,” ... for example the 2008 financial crisis; the Arab Spring of 2011–2012; the Ukrainian crisis of 2014; the rapidly changing Arctic; Hezbollah’s increasing embeddedness in regional and global politics; and global health risks arising from zoonoses—reveal significant limitations to understanding of 21st century international systems... 

We introduce the term “femtorisks” to refer to threats that confront international decision makers as a result of the actions and interactions of actors that exist beneath the level of formal institutions... using the prefix that denotes a factor of 10−15, to highlight the apparent insignificance of the individual actor... analogous to the deployment of the terms “femtocell” vs. “picocell” in the world of cellular communications... “femto-” here does not mean literally something 15 orders-of-magnitude smaller than the macro scale, but just something many orders-of-magnitude smaller.