Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Move over, Paris Review!  To  hear Anthony Watts
tell of  his FeedSpot rank, WUWT  now commands
the  blogosphere's  intellectual heights 
WUWT Awarded Top
_________  Beats    RealClimate,   NYT,   Guardian,   HuffPo

WUWT comes in at #41 out of 100, handily beating The Guardian Science at #46,  The New York Times Science at #47, Huffington Post Science at #48, Smithsonian Science at #51, and  RealClimate at #62.
                                             FACEBOOK          TWITTER         WEBRANK

Feedspot's numbers tell a different story-the real winner National Geographic  beat Watts 
by 42 million votes and 13 million Tweets
Bottom line? So exclusive is Tony's glittering prize that it's gone to blogs seventeen  million  places  behind him !