Thursday, November 17, 2016


Willard  Anthony Watts ,  whom many reckon  Chico, California's greatest living climate tractarian, has just congratulated  himself on 
a decade of continuous bloviation  "15, 559  Posts  and  1,902,684 Comments & 291,103,411Views" or  ~ 18,700  per  post,  giving  Tony's  own  private  denialosphere  a population rivaling  The Church of Scientology and nearing 1/10th of one percent of those who revere Rush Limbaugh as a science guru.  

Watts  first  decade  in  the  Climate Wars  has  yielded  a magisterial 15,559 page body of  bloggerel  available  to  masochists  in  PDF as:
 Thermodynamics: My Role In Its Downfall  
one walk-on  AGU  poster  paper,  and this singularly self-referential Heartland  Climate conference slide: 

Along with the usual suspects , the  magnanimous  meteorologist and  White  House Weather Station Paint Color Advisor wishes to thank :

'Dr. James Hansen (who started this whole mess), 
Dr. Gavin Schmidt (who continues the mess Hansen started, er, well maybe, Trump might fire his egotistical ass), 
Al Gore (who turned it into a business), 
Joe Romm (who turned it into a hateful political mess), 
Dr. Peter Gleick (who showed us that crime doesn’t pay), 
David Appell (who showed us that condescending people can have a nice side too), 
William Connolley (whose acidic condescending behavior ruined hundreds of Wikipedia pages, and shows none of the occasional kindness David Appell shows), 
David Suzuki (who proved that you can scare children with Santa Claus climate stories), 
Nick Stokes (who has shown us that unrelenting pig-headedness can be a virtue, but has displayed occasional kindness), 
Ken Rice (and then there’s Physics, who has proven that one can have a degree in Astronomy, and still be dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to climate), 
Eli Rabbett (aka Dr. Joshua Halpern, who demonstrated a 10+ year fascination with snark and an invisible rabbit), 
disgraced former IPPC Chairman and apparent sex fiend Rajenda Pacahuri (who showed us that even Nobel prize winners can be scumbags while telling us we are practicing “voodoo science” for pointing out flaws in AR5)  and last, and most certainly least,  
Dr. Michael Mann (who led the way downward in science with small-minded thinking, pettiness, statistical murder, Nature tricks, and obfuscation).'