Wednesday, November 9, 2016

               THERE  WAS  ONLY  ONE  THING  WRONG   WITH  
                             THE  TROGLODYTE  NARRATIVE

...One  cannot  be   handcuffed   by  data  on   
a  fundamental  moral  issue  of  this  kind ... 
it fits into what we call the Troglodyte Narrative 
( anti-women ; anti- Latino; anti- gun safety; anti-
 common sense fiscal policy and anti- science ) ...


Podesta's failure of the imagination of disaster  has been shrewdly diagnosed by James Meek in  The London Review of Books :
"There are many similarities between the Brexit vote and Trump’s win. The reliance for victory on ...  hostility towards data-based arguments, the breakdown of the distinction between ‘belief’ and ‘conclusion’, the internet’s power to sort the grain of pleasing lies from the chaff of displeasing facts, the sense of there being a systematic programme of rules and interventions devised by a small, remote, powerful elite that polices everyday speech, destroys symbols of tradition, ignores or patronises ‘real’, ‘ordinary’ people, and has contempt for popular narratives ..."

Harvard  Project on Climate Agreements director Robert Stevins  also notes the anti-Clinton vote mirrored a nation already divided by:
  • the myriad of sub-national climate change policies, ranging from AB-32 in California to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the northeast (It’s not a coincidence that there’s a high – although not perfect – correlation between the states Secretary Clinton won in the election and the location of the most ambitious climate change policies).
Stevins  says he'soff on the road to " Morocco, for the annual UNFCCC negotiations. Given the election results, my meetings there may be quite strange, if not surreal."