Saturday, March 18, 2017


The New York Times,  reports that President Trump's Director of Management and the Budget,  former Congressman Mike  Mulvaney  took "a hard line on spending during President Obama’s term, vowing not to raise the nation’s debt limit and embracing the term 'Shutdown Caucus' because of his willingness to shut the government down instead."[25]

Mulvaney cited its funding of Planned Parenthood  when he voted against a government-funding resolution, which would have prevented a government shutdown,.[27] Explaining his vote, Mulvaney said, "This is not about women's health. It’s about trafficking in pieces of dead children."[27]

The Director's  characterization of  such scientific investments as GoreSat, "as a waste of your money." naturally  opens the door to their sale as Government surplus, so perhaps the former next President should bid on  his namesake, with a view to donating it to fellow enthusiasts at The Planetry Society, which might continue its operation on an amateur basis. It should be well within Al's P-R budget, as I can rememeber when Titan IIc rocket engines surplus to Cold War ICBM needs, were a drug on the market  at .2% of their government cost- I donated one to Boston's Museum of Contemporary art.